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    Possibly Buying Windows8, but had some questions.

    So I gave Windows 8 a second try and I'm thinking of buying it.
    I do like the UI (to some degree) but it has a few problems which are all that are mostly making me wonder if I should even bother.
    I'm buying completely new (OEM x64 version) and it will be going on the new media PC. I'm also going to have my Tablet remotly in control of the PC so that I can pick and choose programs (movies, web & controller enabled games) on the couch sort of like the Wii U. (Otherwise I would have gone with Windows 7 if it wasn't.)

    Now with that out of the way, I had a few questions that would decide if I will buy it or not.

    I've been toying around with the Metro UI and realized that I couldn't seem to pin a lot of my things to it. Perhaps there's a way around that?

    Another problem I came across was not being able to change the Metro Background. I looked around on Google on how to and discovered I could either pay $5-$50 to do just that OR perform some shell hacks with the Hex Editor, which I have no idea how to use... There has to be a easier, and free way? It doesn't really matter much, but I would still like to be able to change it.

    Noticed there didn't seem to be a whole lot of good apps. The only ones I found that were perfect was SkyDrive, Calandar, and Netflix... It seems as if a lot of popular sites just don't care about Win8. I guess it may have to do with a validating process that MS charges for? Sounds silly to make them pay just so you can have a Icon of all things placed on your UI. ~.^
    Maybe it's for security purposes or money Idk. But is there a free app builder so I could make my own?

    How well do games work on it now? (I'm running my Windows 8 from VM Workstation so playing a game on it isn't possible)
    Its not really a big deal at all if they don't work well though, I do have a better gaming PC back in my room for that. But I would like it to be compatible with some of my games. (Skyrim, Batman, Need For Speed.)

    Another small thing that isn't really a big issue at all is changing icon pictures and size. Some icons I want small and some I want larger. Making them small isn't a problem, but increasing the size of some doesn't seem to provide the option but only for a select few.

    Thanks for reading.

    Also if none of these could be adjusted/fixed or whichever, it's perfectly fine. I can always install rocket dock on Windows 7 and make the icons supper sized.
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    I'm running Windows 8, and I don't have any problem running any games so far.
    WoW, Far Cry 3, Skyrim, Need for Speed undercover, League of legends and alot of other games.

    So I think you should be fine on that part.

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    Have you considered using XBMC? It can be remote controlled from Windows RT, iOS and Android.
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    People hate change. Although like you mentioned, less support at times but eventually there are shifts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by n0cturnal View Post
    Have you considered using XBMC? It can be remote controlled from Windows RT, iOS and Android.
    I've never even heard of this until now.
    I watched a video of and it looks really cool. Did a little searching on Google if it can launch games from my Steam Library, and it appears that it can with some amount of tweaking. I'll give the application a try first and see how I like it.
    I'll still be looking for some answers to the Windows 8 questions to incase I decide to go with that. Anyhow thanks for suggesting that, never even knew about it.

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    Windows 8 is pretty much a direct upgrade of Windows 7 in every way. Any game and most software that works with 7 will work with 8, and better.

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    Windows 8 is just great. Definitly with multiple monitors.

    Only thing I dont like is the metro interface but I build in an Windows 7 Start menu with a Windows 8 look.

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