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    Combat has a use for daggers only if you keep it in offhand. The difference between a slow and a fast one is neglegible and mostly tied on you correct management of KS.

    A dagger as mainhand will only be a dps loss.

    Go for the best weapons you have - and heroic dagger is better than a normal fist as ofhand and so on.
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    generally, you will want to use the best slow weapon you got in mainhand, the the best of "whatever" in offhand.

    If you got, say, a ilvl 496 fist weapon, an ilvl 483 fist, and a 489 dagger, you will wont to go ilvl 496 fist / ilvl 489 dagger

    if got a ilvl 489 fist though, and a 483 dagger, you will want to go fist/fist

    with equal offhand weapons, you will generally want to use the slow weapon, or the one with the best secondary stats.

    but in the end, with equal offhand dagger/fist, you will do more dammage with killing spree with the fist, but more poison dammage with the dagger. in the end they will do almost equal dammage, but slow/slow pulls ahead by a werry small amount.

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