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    Question about the actual raid content and about my guilds performance

    Hey guys,

    i enjoyed reading through Mmo forum threads for a long time, but this the first time i have to ask something myself.

    I have been playing WoW for at least 7 years and i always have been into pve, sometimes casual, sometimes more hardcore ( ~ a few top 100 guilds ) and i have played pvp on pretty high ratings to, so i am a decently experienced player.

    Since MoP i built up a own raid because i wanted to reduce my raidtimes while still being able to raid with good players, so i wanted to chose my members by myself, and im pretty satisfied with most ( not absolutely everyone ) of them.

    My problem is that my main goal in pve is to clear the content in heroic before the next patch appears, which has never been a problem in my previous guilds.

    But this time im pretty sure we wont achieve it , since we are only at 9/16 hc ( no pain no gain, tirion eu alliance, we raid 10 man). The main reason may be that our raid is only at our actual level since 1 or 2 month because we got some really good players a short time ago and we had to equip some rerolls, but still im a bit anxious that our quality is not high enough.

    What do you think? Is the actual content more difficult then it has been the last contents ago? Or do the raid still has to improve?

    i wanted to post a link of our logs but i cant since i dont have enough posts. I would be glad to PM you the link if you think you can analyse it.

    Thank you and sorry for my grammar, im not a native speaker.

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    I think your guild is around where a lot of progression guilds will be currently. Assuming we have about 2-3 months until 5.2 hits it means if you can get 1 heroic boss down every week you could easily have the content finished with 2-3 weeks spare, which honestly shouldn't be too difficult, providing you may have to extend raid lockouts for some of the harder end bosses.

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    9/16 heroic is pretty good, regardless of what the elitists may say. Keep in mind this is the largest heroic mode tier ever made, and while a few of them aren't very difficult, you're definitely above average in terms of heroic progression guilds. Also, the last two tiers were very short in comparison, and at that a lot of heroic bosses were pushovers with only a few real challenges, though t11 was, without a doubt, the most difficult tier this game has ever seen.

    Unless you're stuck on something in particular I don't know why you feel you aren't doing well, unless you raid for 5 days a week or something. If there is anyone holding you back I'm pretty sure you would be able to determine who that is and go from there.

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    Well if you are really only raiding the two days a week with an optional third you have in your description on wowprogress I don't really see any reason for concern. Now if you say of course that you are raiding 5 days for four hours each...well the situation of course would be different.
    The current content is definitely harder as the last two tiers even if it might have more to do with the number of encounters than with their actual difficulty.

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    For one, stop doing H MSV. H Spirit Kings and H Will of the Emperor are really hit or miss. Some weeks you'll 1 or 2 shot them, other weeks you might wipe for 2+ hours. 9/16 H is decent progression. Once you kill H Empress, the last challenge is H Sha of Fear. H Protector, Tsulong, and Lei Shi are all easier than H Empress.

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