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    What is the 12th Archaeology Race?


    I just finished archaeology up to 600 and realized I never found one of the 12 races... but there is only 11.

    I can't find any info regarding the greyed out icon in the picture below. It looks like a 'harrison jones' type icon.

    Does anyone know something I don't?
    (I did also post this in the professions section. I thought it would also get some exposure here too.)

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    It is a placeholder that was always on the journal, and for some reason they never removed it when they added the Pandaren and Mogu.

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    It's a mystery race! Next neutral player race? ...Probably not.

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    my money is on thinking it is 5.2 and comes along with the dinosaur bones and stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kikazz View Post
    my money is on thinking it is 5.2 and comes along with the dinosaur bones and stuff.
    ...that would most likely be covered in the "Fossil" part of archaeology.

    I think it's as the one response said above... simply a placeholder. Notice it's a pick-axe, shovel and an indiana-jones style hat, which is just a general reference to "archaeology". There's not much else to that really :P
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    Could be Mantid.

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    That is for the rarely seen and mysterious P'la cehol-der race. They only appear when other races mysteriously fail to show up.

    On a more serious note, that icon has been there since Archeology was implemented. It has no practical purpose.

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    I have always hoped for Titan relics (Which may pair/combine with Mogu).

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    It's just the placeholder one, at least that's what we've always assumed. I also assumed that since it was a placeholder, it'd get bumped to the end of the new line with MoP, after Pandaren and Mogu, but it's still there, making it look like we've missed something.
    Of course we haven't, as the game automatically opens up whatever races you can dig for, but it does look very odd in the midst of all the other races. And one wonders why they have to bother having a placeholder icon when they simply added the Mogu and Pandaren without any placeholders for them. Kinda wish it would either be used or removed, so people would quit asking and it'd quit causing speculation.

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    It's the fight club.

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    Very clearly, its one and only reward is Indiana Harrison Jones' hat.
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    Murloc is the 12th!!!!!

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