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    How many times have I been kicked in the balls?

    How many chances at getting laid did I have but end up missing by a freak accident?

    How many times have I been taunted by the universe with unbelievably bad luck?

    What if I beat the shit out of my school yard bully 5 years earlier?

    How many times have I nearly died.

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    Where did I go wrong?

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    Nothing really. I either know everything I want to know or they are the "what if..?" questions. What if I had done this instead of that, where I'd be now? And to be perfectly honest, I'd rather not know these things unless I could back and change them

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    There's not really anything in my past that deserves questioning. That shit is done and over with. There are quite a few questions I have about the present. Maybe even one or two about the future.
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