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    Opinions on Far Cry 3 & Dishonored? Maybe suggest me another game? Very bored...

    I've been very bored lately, I need a new game

    So... I was looking around and all I could come up with really was

    Far Cry 3 : "Skyrim with guns" they say. Can you brutally rob and murder the townspeople in Far Cry 3 as is the only REAL fun in Skyrim? Can you blow their heads clean off and dismember them like in Fallout games? Is this game actually good like that?

    Dishonored : I almost don't know anything about this game, but it looks pretty cool. It has high ratings. Is it actually good? Can you mess around in it for tons of extra hours of gameplay? Or is it serious & linear and over and collecting dust in under a week kinda game?

    So... your opinions on these games please? Also feel free to recommend me any other games that you think are outstanding.

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    I am loving Far Cry 3. The story is ridiculously awesome, and I haven't liked characters in a video game like this in a while. If you don't have fun with Far Cry 3, then gaming may not be your thing.

    Haven't played Dishonored, but I'd like to!

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    I absolutely loved Far Cry 3, was a very good experience. WAS. First time you step into the jungle.. you'll have to survive on this island of insanity.. Though, capture a few outposts and nobody will bother you again, which kinda sucked.

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    Dishonored is a very linear game, but the idea of it is nearly all your actions, will change the world in some way, and theres an INSANE amount of things to collect on the missions. This is where they base the re-playability of the game.

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    I watched some Far Cry videos both serious & messing around and OMG I almost feel like saying "Shut up and take my money" actually

    Just a few questions that I'm not seeing in the vids :

    1.Can you dismember (Sever limbs from) people like in Fallout?
    2.Can you steal things (besides vehicles) in Far Cry 3?
    3.PS3, or PC? I'd rather just play with a controller on a Big screen HDTV on PS3... unless PC gets some amazing features I'm not aware of?

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