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    Mobile/Android games - what are you playing?

    I recently got a Nexus 7, and I'm looking for some quality games to play on it. Thought I'd ask see to see what people recommend. To start things off, here are the top 3 that I'm playing right now:

    Dungeon Raid - puzzle game with some RPG elements
    Flashteroids - action/space shooter kinda like asteroids on steroids
    Strikefleet Omega - RTS/strategy game

    I've spent the most time on Dungeon Raid, which is really addictive, but tends to get too difficult after a certain point. I just discovered Flashteroids a few hours ago via another forum, and it looks really amazing on my Nexus 7 but runs like crap on my phone (in fairness, the app's page says that it's basically for high-end tablets).

    What are you guys playing?

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    I'd like to have some games on my android, sadly it isn't that powerful, it's a Samsung S2, couldnt run DoomGLES-HereticGLES (black screen bug), the rayman game crashes after the intro :c

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    Been playing some Strikefleet Omega as well.

    Also have Robo Defense and Age of Conquest (Europe) on it. I spend most of my time on Kindle or Netflix on my phone, however.

    Couple of friends are playing... Order and Chaos I think? Apparently it is a mobile WoW but its 8 bucks for initial DL and I'm not ok with that beceause im a cheap bastard. Also have an emulator and FFIV and VI on my phone

    Oh! and I purchased Bards Tale. That game is so fun.

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    Playing modern war atm, some weird kind of rts thingy, it's fun at work tho.
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    Plague Inc. I might need therapy.

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    Plague inc, strike fleet omega, theme hospital (corsix th) and caesar3 (http://www.winulator.com/) on my nexus 7.
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    I picked up most of the Kairosoft games. I enjoy them as a good time waster. Grand Prix Story, Kairobotica, and Game Dev Story are well worth it, IMO.


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    It was advertised as a Tegra-only game, but you might be able to get it with your nexus: Auralux. Horribly addictive game, and pretty damn hard in Nova Mode.
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    Temple Run... not sure why.

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