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    Thumbs up Freedom to talk ??

    So i was posting on the wow forums and let me tell you guys first i never post unless something really bugs me so its not like I'm always posting but he is my story.

    I decided to switch out one of my profession and go with Black smithing so i need to farm a ton of ore again and i never noticed really till i got to out lands that how much CRZ sucks it took me forever to farm fel iron and any ore up till mist because of this CRZ so i went on to the wow forums to post something about it and i was getting a few other people talking to me about it when Blizz delete my post so i reposted about how blizz delete my post and a few sec later i got a 72 hour banned from them and all i really said was they should give players the option to turn off or on CRZ because it makes it very very hard to farm ore , herbs or finding rear pets when theres tons of other people or bots from different severs doing the same on your sever. But anyway juat wanted to tell my story and hope it stays up on these forums because you cant talk about stuff on wow forums unless Blizz says its ok with them so no freedom there Thanks to all that read this. And for CRZ gives us the players that pay 14.99$ a month the option to turn it off or on let it be up to us

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    I'm sorry but we don't allow rant threads as they provide no means for constructive discussion.

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