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    Green Fire Quests, Voidbinders Removed in 5.2, PTR Class Balance, Blue Posts, Comic

    Patch 1.0.7 Datamined Information

    Green Fire Questline Availability
    It appears that all Warlocks will eventually be able to take part in the questline for green fire! One of the changes to the quest line that happened after our last recap: it now rewards Akama's Seal of Courage.

    Voidbinders Taking a Break in 5.2
    We got an official post today that expands upon what Ghostcrawler said on Twitter previously. He also let us know that you will have new Valor gear to spend your Valor Points on in Patch 5.2!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Even Ethereals need a vacation, and the item upgraders (Voidbinders), are no exception. They’re saying they need to go home to take care of business arrangements, but … I’m not convinced. I think they’re just homesick for their ‘space mummy’ families.

    Ok ok, fourth wall broken, we’re actually just temporarily removing them from the game for 5.2 due to the new raid tier. The idea with the item upgrade system is that it’s a way to spend currency on upgrading items when buying new items isn’t the clear path. Either you’ve bought everything, or at least most of them, and then spend currency to get that extra *oomph*. With a new raid tier coming, we don’t want to create a trap where people are wondering what’s more lucrative: spend currency on new items, or on the new gear appearing on vendors? (Hint: It’s the new gear on vendors.) To help ensure we’re not indirectly encouraging anyone to spend their currency somewhere they probably shouldn’t, the item upgraders will be taking a break.

    Right now we’re planning for them to return in 5.3, which will not have a raid tier, and offer upgrades again as people will have likely have some currency to burn. We’re not sure yet if we’ll continue this cycle of having them take a break for raid patches and then come back in non-raid patches, but we’ll continue evaluating as we go, absorb feedback, and let you know how these plans evolve.

    Patch 5.2 PTR Class and Set Bonus Issues
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Aimed Shot cast time has been lowered from 2.9 to 2.5 sec.

    Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)

    Paladin (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • The Protection 4pc counts damage after all mitigation, and does count absorbed damage.
    • The Retribution 4pc set bonus has changed. It now has a chance for Hammer of the Righteous or Crusader Strike to cause your next Divine Storm to cause extra damage to your target. The idea being that you might swap from TV to DS when you get the proc, so that the RNG is something you can actually do something with rather than it just being RNG for extra damage.
    • Retribution now does 50% extra healing with Flash Heal. The Selfless Healer talent has been reduced to 20/40/60% bonus healing.
    • Sacred Shield absorb effect is now dispellable, but the periodic effect is not.
    • Blinding Light has a 1.8 sec cast for Holy only. We think Holy's CC chains are too strong at the moment, but we don't think Ret or Prot need the nerf.

    Death Knight (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • I said above that the Zandalari from the 2pc benefited from Unholy mastery. That was a bald-faced lie. It deals physical damage, like the ghoul.
    • There is a good chance we're going to redesign the 4pc DPS bonus.

    Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • The Golden Apparition from the Healing 4pc heals the lowest % health friendly target within 40yd. Note that it has no visual yet, but will not work like Shadowy Apparitions. It is a simple missile, not a summoned unit.
    • Further clarification on the Healing 2pc: the Glyph of Prayer of Mending will only boost the first heal. The glyph effects won’t be carried over due to the set bonus. It will be 160% -> 110% -> 121% -> 133% -> etc.
    • We are going to redesign Shadow Word: Insanity.
    • We are going to nerf Divine Aegis for Prayer of Healing, but also lower the cost of Power Word: Shield (for Disc only) and increase the healing and damage of Penance. In 25 raids, Disc is using Prayer of Healing almost exclusively and we don't think the Spirit Shell change will be sufficient to change that. We actually want Disc to get back to using PW:Shield a little more, along with Penance. Disc's throughput is overall too strong in PvE, not even counting the fact that absorbs are often more beneficial than heals.
    • Angelic Bulwark and Spirit Shell can no longer be dispelled.
    • The 4pc PvP bonus for healing priests has changed: Reduces the cooldown of Chakra by 25 sec and during Spirit Shell, Flash Heal costs 50% less mana.

    Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • The Guardian 4pc is currently a 50% increase to rage generation while Enraged.
    • We are going to slightly increase Resto druid healing across the board.
    • We still like the DR change to Cyclone, but we are going to increase its range to 30 yards, and the PvP glove bonus for Balance and Resto will be to increase Cyclone duration by 2 sec.

    Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    • Spinning Fire Blossom's damage now scales from weapon damage rather than attack power. This will result in an intended nerf.

    Keep in mind with those changes you haven't seen yet that they may change again before they reach the PTR.

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Patch 5.2 PvP Gear Blog Coming This Week
    Changing the PvP Honor gear from 483 to 476 next season is a HUGE mistake. You are making it impossible to enter PvP Arena/RBG on a near level playing field when people with full 2/2 Malevolent are starting the season with 491 gear and 498 T2 weapons.

    This is the biggest gear disparity EVER in PvP. Usually Honor Gear > Last season PvP gear so players can have a fresh start and compete on semi-even playing field. You guys are making a huge mistake and you have time to fix it. Please listen to you community and don't go through with these changes.

    Not to worry, there's already stuff in the works, and the item level change on that gear is just a smaller part of the larger picture.

    We'll be posting a blog that explains the upcoming changes later this week. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Daily Quests Feedback
    You want gear? Do dailies. You want quests? Dailies. You want end-game content without raiding eight days a week? Dailies, dailies, dailies.
    You want gear?
    Do heroics, Raid Finder, Scenarios, upgrade items, PVP (for PVP gear, of course)

    You want quests?
    Do the quests you haven't finished while leveling through Pandaria. Or yes, do dailies (let's not forget it's "daily quests").

    End-game content without raiding:
    Pet battles, Scenarios, Heroics, Challenge Dungeons, PVP.

    And in any case, casual players can still play the game just as always, at their own pace. There's no requirement for you to have everything at a particular pace (especially if you aren't really on the raiding competition).

    Daily quests being the only way for reputation was, is, and will always be BAD.
    Why is this the case?

    If you want the gear purely for progression terms, LFR is readily available and you won't have to go through reputations, you can also get some 496 items from crafting (though I bet those won't be exactly cheap if you need to look for a crafter you don't know at all).

    Other than gear, what the reputation is giving you access to right now is just vanity items. On which case, why do you think it's unfair to invest some time leveling the reputation of those factions that offer you a vanity reward you want? (especially considering that, thanks to Grand Commendations, it doesn't take as long to raise reputations to Exalted as it did during 5.0). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    TFB Hotfix on Arena Pass Realm
    We have a problem with latest hotfix patch not being live there (30% battle fatigue and fire blast glyph, warrior 3 stack tfb).
    Thanks for the report Minpojke, we just want to let all of you know that this is something that we are actively looking into at the moment. We will keep you updated if any new information comes to light. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Blue Tweets
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Maybe focus on the PTR/Beta feedback instead to avoid having millions on forums e-mails and twitter?
    We definitely give more weight to players who have actually tried something. (Source)

    How do you feel about a flimsy/squishy class getting a 'touch me, and you'll regret it' type of ability in the next expac?
    Doesn't that take a weakness and make it not a weakness? (Source)

    I've always wondered what's your take on innovation in games? Blizzard isn't known for it per se but what do you think?
    It's tricky. IMO sometimes features get lauded as innovative my jaded gamers when really they're just different (and bad). (Source)
    I think it's fare to say that World of Warcraft has had many innovations but do you feel recent expansions have had enough?
    Is tons of innovation what the game needs? It needs enough for players getting bored, but risky for folks who are happy. (Source)

    Derp, I dont think he ment that he was asking is there any plans for more space i.e bigger bags??
    I get that, but we don't think heading towards 50 slot bags is the answer. Less stuff to put in bags might be. (Source)

    Sunsong Ranch changes sound good. Now allow some personalization and some item storage space, and we've got player housing.
    Isn't an important part of player housing being able to show off your stuff? (Source) Desktop App
    Something interesting showed up in tonight's Diablo III Patch 1.0.7 PTR datamining. One of the new client strings was "Region selection is disabled when Diablo III is launched from the Desktop app." In addition to this, the Producer job opening had a new line added to it somewhat recently: " App – developing the next-generation desktop client."

    The Daily Blink - Don’t Worry Blizz, We Got This Designed
    The Daily Blink has designed a new role selection screen.

    Not Listed: Assignment for 'Raider who is frustrated he can't select multiple roles, which, given this list, means that we should probably just boot them from the raid anyways'
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    LMAO @ The Daily Blink! Finally! Man, I wish we had that back during the MC days...
    Quote Originally Posted by Warwithin View Post
    Politicians put their hand on the BIBLE and swore to uphold the CONSTITUTION. They did not put their hand on the CONSTITUTION and swear to uphold the BIBLE.
    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Jensen View Post
    Except maybe Morgan Freeman. That man could convince God to be an atheist with that voice of his . . .

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    Man. I wish the Guardian set bonuses werent absolute garbage.

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    Whew Guard 4pc for sucking hard!

    Daily Blink does it again though!

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    Ah Daily Blink, I could fill most of that raid with those Roles lol

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    Hate cyclone changes, wasnt that OP in the first place, you're immune.

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    A funny Daily Blink It's been a while!
    Surrounded by idiots

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    Warlocks best not get their hopes up over GC's post.

    By "participle eventually" he probably means that sooner or later more people will get the quest. Like you will get your Sha-Touch weapon "eventually".

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    Did they say how to start the chain yet? Is it a raid drop (if so can it drop in LFR)? a drop from a rare spawn? I remember seeing the quests, but not what officially starts it.

    Pretty sure it's the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion

    Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion + healthstone = The Codex of Xerrath

    The Codex of Xerrath gives a 2 quest chain to go to a warlock trainer in a capital city, and from there you do 8 quest long chain to unlock green fire.

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    Daily Blink made one mistake

    Should be Raider who still finds it hilarious to call Circle condom: 25/25

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    or "Should be raider that still finds the green triangle to be a girls panties" 25/25

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    Thank god daily blink still knows how to make no degree to understand requiring jokes ^^.

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    "Raider who still finds it hilarious to refer to the Circle raid icon as "Condom" even though it's obviously a "Nipple"."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cernunnos View Post
    Did they say how to start the chain yet? Is it a raid drop (if so can it drop in LFR)? a drop from a rare spawn? I remember seeing the quests, but not what officially starts it.

    Pretty sure it's the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion

    Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion + healthstone = The Codex of Xerrath

    The Codex of Xerrath gives a 2 quest chain to go to a warlock trainer in a capital city, and from there you do 8 quest long chain to unlock green fire.
    Rumours are it's a drop from a rare. As for drop chance from the rare ... /shrug

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    Drops from a rare..

    Well this will be a fun way of trying to get green fire.

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    Daily Blink. There is only 1 confirmed role, the icons to the spells are for Mage and the confirmed class is a Priest.

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    I LOVE the daily blink. the 'Im supposed to dispel that?' is just what I had in LFR, some group of priests arguing they are the gods and should focus on healing alone and that hunters HAVE to dispel ><

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    Daily blink forgot the "girls" on vent begging for attention.

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    At least, it should better be present in 5.2 and not get bumped again like it does 6 years or so.

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    And now warlocks get gear from there little quest well with all the mage nerfs think i know what class to reroll.

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