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    Question about the deluxe edition

    Are the extras you get for the deluxe edition really worth the additional money?

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    Can't really tell the "worthness" of such things as it will be probably personal.

    If you didn't buy the game yet. Buy the normal edition first (if it's all the same in price, I'm not sure if it is anymore) see if you like the game. If you really like it, then I don't think there is any problem on paying the extra money even if it's to support.

    If you did buy the game yet, refer to my advice above too. XD

    I don't think it's worth it. It's all vanity really, and the elite skill is pretty but not that great. So it all comes end to what you feel it's worth your money.

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    I played GW1 and the pet was very useful, it seems the deluxe ed gives the same one, and extra karma or something like that?

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    Nope. No "useful" pet for this.

    Guild Wars 2 game
    Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill*
    Miniature Rytlock*
    Golem Banker*
    Chalice of Glory*
    Tome of Influence*

    The game is the game.
    The Elite skill is unlocked at level 30. Its cool looking but the class related ones are probably much better. (I don't think I've seen people using the elite Wolf skill if not for fun or just because, and it doesn't work in sPvP).

    Miniature is just a mini-pet that doesn't do anything.

    Golem banker is only a personal walking bank that only works for 4 days from it's first use. (So, pretty much useless)

    Chalice of glory does give you some Glory, not sure if 5 or 10k that you can spend on sPvP rewards (Cosmetic Gear mainly and only usable in sPvP) It's ok, but still useless since you can get that just playing the sPvP regularly.

    Tome of Influence is for guild usage only. Unless you are thinking of making a guild and getting some influence right of the bat to get some upgrades...otherwise it's "useless" too.

    Note that, nothing is trully useless...but well it's all up to you of that sort of thing is worth 20 extra dollars. Truthfully and hmm "straight foward" it isn't, but I did enjoy the game and I didn't mind the 20 extra bucks as a support for this stuff. That's why I recommend that you buy the game and see if you like it first and then maybe just upgrade to digital edition if you want to support it?

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    ok, thanks, ya, it doesnt sound like its worth it. Maybe Ill buy later to pick up another account.

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