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    [A](10man)>We Got a Life< Bronzebeard EU [Recruting]

    About us:
    The guild was made in Wotlk, and was going to be a social guild only, but when cata came, we started to raid, as we diddent have members we pugged alot, but we finnaly got 8/8 DS HC but sadly, alot off the members left after cata, and will not come back, so we need to get a full raid team again, would love everyone to come join us! we having fun all day and night!


    We are currently looking to recruit the following classes/specs:

    * Tanks (No class in specific)
    * Healers (Shaman/Holy Priest)
    * 4x DPS (Hunter/Mage/Warlock/Monk)

    What we can offer you:

    - A nice, welcoming international guild.
    - Progress at a steady rate.
    - Cauldrons, Food during the raid.
    - People to play outside of raids with (PvP, Achievements, Dungeons etc.)

    What do we expect from you:

    - You'll put the Guilds interest above your own, if needed you are expected to be OK with taking a stand-by spot for a raid.
    - You are expected to be prepared for a wipe-night on progress boss. We want you to keep your focus for the whole raid.
    - We use the Ingame-Calender, you are expected to sign up well in time, furthermore we expect that you show up if signed Accepted.
    - You should know your Class in and out, everything should be as good they can be.
    - You must know boss tactics going into the raid, and be well prepared with potions.
    - Your gear must be enchanted, gemmed and reforged to its optimal potential.
    - General knowledge, treat others with the same respect as you want to be treated.

    Raid Times:
    Saturday:19.00 -> 00.00
    Tuesday:17:30-> 22:30
    *more days might be added!
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    New info added!
    Been playing fury warrior since 2010.

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    bumping, as we need ,members
    Been playing fury warrior since 2010.

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