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    [H] Jubei'thos <Ngel> - LF Healer for Current Grp and more for new grp

    Posting behalf of my raid leader from his post:

    Ngel is a SEMI-hardcore Raiding Guild formed in JubeiThos in 2012 among a bunch of close-knitted friends. Our guild consist mainly players from timezones of UTC+8.

    Ngel is currently looking for players equipped with good raid awareness, class understanding and enjoy pushing content. Do also feel free to hook up with us even for casual playing. Please do inform us on the role that you would wish to apply for and any experiences that you may have during application.

    All we expect from raiders is to be commited and come with a mature raiding attitude. We will be having progression on 2-3 days per week.

    Current guild progression: 16/16N on T14

    Ngel Raid Times: (UTC +8)
    *Wed - Fri: 8.00pm to 11.00pm (GMT+8 Singapore/Perth (Australia Time))

    Current Group opening: at least ilvl 480
    Priest Heals
    Druid Heals
    Paladin Heals

    New Group opening: at least ilvl 475 (new players to raids are welcome - we enjoying training ppl up as long as you know your class)
    Plate Tank
    All heals

    Do add me on realID to further enquire on the above mentioned slots. im active mainly from 8pm - 12am UTC+8.

    Battletag: Yuyong#2392

    Please add him to talk to him if your interested. Thank You.
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