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    Worth dropping tier 14 setbonus for just a few 522 parts?

    So im wondering if it's really worth dropping the tier 14 setbonuses for just a few parts of 522 items.

    On t14 the 2p setbonus is okay, 10% less manacost on HR is decent. But the 4p is just simply amazing pushing holy shock CD down to 4 seconds and since you pritty much use that spell on cooldown and it is our main holypower generator will it be a huge loss to get rid of that setbonus.

    And the t15 setbonuses isnt that great, 50% more healing on daybreak is.. well good when people are stacked but you do need to use HR for it to proc, but for fights when everyones stacked for a while it's okay.

    The 4th setbonus increases the healing on beacon of light by 20% and that's really only good for fights where there is lots of tankdmg but for other fights it will just overheal a lot.

    So would it be better to wait until you have more or less a "full" set with 522 items and then get rid of your t14 parts or is it actually better to replace t14 with just 5-6 522 items? Or is it even better to get t14 heroic and keep that for the rest of this raid?

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    You can look almost anywhere to find the obvious answer is no, not until at least full heroic 535 T15 4pc.

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    Yeah, thats what i thought.


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