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    The spec has very little RNG, RNG sucked when we had one generator and people complained we relied to heavily on rng to do damage, so they removed rng and made it a talent (lame). The spec is pretty bland w/o DP, I would rather bang my head into a board with rusty nails then fool around with the sad design of ret aoe
    Ret is overpoliced by the dev's because the spec is in training wheels. I would like to see them raise the skill level and increase the ceiling of the spec and Please no more fake dps (judging a 2nd target for more damage or multi censure dot).
    Inquis doing arena or bg has got to be made passive 100% of the time, its uneeded to have this buff require anything, our sustained damage w/o cooldowns is pityfull even with a 30% damage buff and 10% crit from inquis.
    71% resilence for my ret is like having 60% on any other toon. two people can shatter ret in less then five second while i'm cc the whole time

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    Give me an ability that allows me to instantly activate a 3HP Inq, and then let me maintain it with HP after that and I would be somewhat mollified.

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    Long story short..
    Cata ret had:
    Sacred shield
    10%AP might
    Inq 30sec down from 36sec
    Divine Purpose

    All those exchanged for clemency and blinding light. That was not a good trade

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    It's been a whiles since i played now in 5.2 things seem better no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EFX View Post
    It's been a whiles since i played now in 5.2 things seem better no?
    Better, still far behind Rogues/Dk's for melee spots, and way behind those 2 + shadow priests and mages for possible insane 3's comps.

    So... better, but just barely.

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    part of what will help make it competitive again would be for people to actually play it instead of ignoring it because it's weal or inferior to the others.

    Thats a problem fighting games have and the ideology of a "tier list" in those games almost ruins the fun aspect of the competition because a game might have 20 characters in it, but 99% of the time all you face online are the same 3.

    Speaking of which... there is a guy now who is famous in the MvC3 tournament world that picked up viewtiful joe (which was "mid tier" for those who don't know... perfect ret analogy) and because he was viewed irrelevant --and the guy actually mastered VJ-- no one knew how to fight him because they've never had to compete against VJ... long story short, he whooped ass and one the whole damn tournament.

    Likewise... if people would actually just play ret because they want too and others would allow Rets to coexist rather than discriminating you would see more data on how good ret can be. It's just like in TBC when that random guy (forget who) found out that arms spec for warriors could actually work in raiding and do a hellova lot DPS by having a haste rating build. His movie made arms spec popular in patch 2.4 whereas before him it was 100% pvp only and no guild or raid would give that spec the time of day in a raid.

    players need to just PLAY ret for the enjoyability it has and if more of the community would just study it rather than ignore it... things could be discovered, hidden OPness could happen, and blizzard could have more data to work with rather than just the recurring "everyone is holy and no one is ret, how do we fix this since we have no players actually playing ret???"

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