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    Question about 5.2 gear

    Hi, i have started to gear late in MoP as i only renewed my sub from cata at xmas, i currently have a DK in Full Deadly gear and 1 Malev and am saving for the Malev Wep, now the week before 5.2 we can get Malev for honor yes? but i seem to remember in cata all the previous seasons gear was avail for honor but the weapons had a restriction, i may be wrong.

    Does anyone know what is happening exactly with costs of malev Gear and Weps in 5.2?

    Ii dont want to blow all conq on gear and that not be able to get wep pre 5.2 for honor.


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    Nobody knows what is happening yet, i think we can safely assume the honor gear will work the same with a ''season honor earned 7200'' requirement for the weapons, HOWEVER blizzard have state that gear is going to work differently in 5.2 to address some issues which anyone gearing or playing a season late is running into.

    a blog will be up Soon...TM.....apparently.

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    ok thanks for reply i worked it out that ill have enough points earned for wep in 4 weeks hope 5.2 not before then!

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    The honor gear is currently 476 ilvl on the 5.2 PTR, whereas fully upgraded malevolent gear is 491.

    "Not to worry, there's already stuff in the works, and the item level change on that gear is just a smaller part of the larger picture. We'll be posting a blog that explains the upcoming changes later this week."

    My suggestion is to wait until the end of the week for the blog that they're planning on releasing. Everything that will be posted is going to be speculation until Blizzard releases the information themselves.
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