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    [GW2] 3 million copies sold!

    Colin Johanson:

    It’s been a fantastic ride so far – in the few months since Guild Wars 2 launched we’ve sold more than three million games and have become the most critically acclaimed MMO of 2012. We’ve introduced the new Fractals of the Mists dungeon experience, brand-new PvE and PvP maps, events of all sizes, our Lost Shores world event, and two massive holiday events.

    And this is just the beginning. Our goals for the New Year are to build on the areas of the game that were successful in 2012, to learn and apply lessons from things that didn’t work as well, and to make sure that 2013 is a year none of us will ever forget.
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    That's pretty neat, more than 3 millions copies sold, and I hope they will sell more and it will continue that way.

    I hope ArenaNet can deliver what they have been talking about in the coming months. I think ArenaNet have been able to deliver, it's just the communaction that's a little bit shady.

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    Seeing as how they will be rolling out GW2 in asia this year you can expect that number to go up again. Pretty good accomplishment imo for the NA/EU market.

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    Meh, not rly that many compared to say D3.

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    If you would like to discuss something, please feel free to start a discussion. Simply reposting news here with nothing else to add is pointless.

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