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    [A] <Consequence> ~ Nordrassil. A new opportunity

    [A]<Consequence> 5/6 H-MSV Ranged/Melee Dps
    Consequence is an opportunity for you to join a high performing, driven 25 man raiding guild in time for Mist of Pandaria with the potential to maintain a number 1 spot on Nordrassil-Eu and at minimum a top 500 spot worldwide. The core of the guild is made up of former members of <Fallen Legion>, including some of the officers, and highest performing raiders.

    What are we looking for?

    Consequence is not looking for best in slot geared characters, with extensive raiding experience (although we certainly will not turn you away either). We are looking for dedicated, enthusiastic players, who can adapt quickly, always strive to improve and can work in and actively contribute to a high-end raiding team. A trialist is judged on whether they are an asset to the guild, fit in well, and have the aim to improve, not necessarily whether or not they are topping the meters.

    We are currently considering all classes/specs, and as stated above, are more interested in the player than the character, although if you are swapping to an alt, or a new "main" character, you will have to prove that you are committed, and can perform well with that character.

    We are specifically looking for, but NOT LIMITED TO:

    1-2 Melee
    Death Knight
    Feral Druid

    1-2 Ranged Dps
    Balance Druid
    Elemental Shaman

    1 Healer
    Holy Paladin
    Resto Shaman

    During progression, due to the high aiming nature of Consequence, you will need to be available for at least 90% of raids, excluding pre planned holidays or other pre-arranged absences, you will be fully prepared for these raids, and willing to wipe, a lot.


    In addition to the above, all members must be sociable, able to handle relaxed raiding on farm and be STD free for at least 6 months.

    Our raiding schedule:
    Monday - 8:30pm - Midnight.
    Tuesday - 8:30pm - Midnight.
    Wednesday - 8:30pm - Midnight.
    Thursday - 8:30pm - Midnight.
    Friday - Day Off.
    Saturday - Day Off.
    Sunday - 8:30pm - Midnight.

    Great! How do I apply?!

    Simply go to and fill out the application form. If accepted, you will enter a trial period of 2-4 weeks where you will be assessed on the above needs. Easy as that.

    Any questions can be directed to Nuckels, Nethii, Trallas Boondock, Selph, Cubone or Mèépo in game, or via a PM on .

    Thanks for reading, I hope to read your application soon.
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