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    [A] Sparks - Recruiting Semi-Hardcore Healer & DPS

    SPARKS - Looking to reform with a solid lineup.

    Everyone disposes of minimum 9/16 HC upwards of 12/16 HC.

    If you wish to raid with meter breaking players, try creative strategies (comparative to Morchok Cleave, 1 phase Hagara, 1 Plate spine, 4+ Trash Yorsh, 2minute Ultraxion, 0 Meteor Firelord) & have solid progression then read below.

    T14 is long over so pushing for a top160 World Rank for T15 is the next step.


    - World Fastest 10 HC Morchok
    - World Fastest 10 HC Warlord Zon'ozz
    - Top 5 Speedkills on all bosses 10 HC (T13)
    - All players ranked top5 on almost every Cataclysm Heroic Boss
    - Meter breaking performance in current tier with all players parsing sickly[/b]

    Recruiting Core

    - HIGH PRIORITY ON 1 TANK (viable OS preferred, any class but Paladin)

    - 1 Melee DPS (Frost DK, Feral Druid)
    - 1 Ranged DPS (Hunter, Boomkin, Mage)

    - All exceptional players regardless of class will be considered

    History, Reasoning behind previous roster disband

    We had a solid raiding schedule going into MOP and cleared 3/6 HC very swiftly until multiple players got an early wake-up call that they are unable to handle hardcore gaming alongside simple real-life tasks that 60% of the raid team were managing.

    This made us drop down to 2 days a week from 5 and pushed us far back in progression as well as time to progress on heroic content. We did not skip any bosses and have had strong near kill progression with the worst raid gear setup on Spirit Kings HC.

    If we maintained our 5 days a week schedule, with our previous & current numbers, performance/execution we would easily peak at 14/16 HC by now.


    Invites 19.15, off-day raiding can be scheduled based on raid attendance.

    Wednesday-Monday: 19.30-23.30 - 4 Days
    Tuesday: Raid Extensions/Optional - Default HEROIC Alt Runs

    Friday & Saturday are off.

    WorldOfLogs http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/162663/
    Contact Battletag // Counterfire#2120

    http://www.tmsparks.com - Apply over our site, feel free to contact Lifire in-game or over battletag.

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