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    Wind Lord Mel'Jarak 25m Heroic question

    What should I be using for this fight as an elemental shaman? I'm guessing the glyphing CL would be a good idea but my question is if I am using EotE/Elemental blast (also let me know if that is not the best setup) But should I be using totemic projection + Magma totem or is it not worth it. Also what rotation should i be using while he doesnt have the increase in damage taken? Just straight up CL or continue using the normal priority on the target add and substitute LB with CL? Also should I Glyph Fire ele? Also when is a good time to use stormlash?

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    I don't raid 25ms but on 10m hc prime elementalist for a supercharged fire ele during the burn phase was incredible.

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    so basically the fight would be normal rotation on the target add and spam CL or just CL? and once all the add groups are down you have a small window to destroy the boss where primal elementalist comes in?

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    Spam CL when he doesn't have the buff. Run your regular rotation (with CL replacing LB if an add group is still alive) when he does have the buff. I personally was using magma with projection as long as both add groups were alive and he didn't have the buff. I stopped whenever one of the groups was dead.

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    Ok thank you for the help. I am 4/16 nm but this guild wants me to trial for them and they are 5/16 HM. So I am trying to do as much homework as possible lol.

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