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    Mistweaver mana issues

    I'm just curious if any other mistweavers are having mana issues at all. I'll be honest and admit I'm not the best at being always 100% on the ball with my mana tea, but even when I am it seems like I require innervates a lot more than my paladin healing mate for example. Is this is a common issue, or is it just me being bad?

    I try to stay in melee of the boss all the time, jabbing, keeping up 2 stacks of serpent's zeal and spreading renewing mist on cd. When that's all good I either Tiger Palm or Chi Burst/Wave, I'm not entirely sure about what would be best to use.

    Any tips/advice are highly appreciated!

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    Get your spirit to 10k. Do you have the DMF deck?

    Also, make a weakaura for >=2 stacks and mana <90%

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    i would suggest not using renewing mist on cd, and just use it when you know extra dmg is coming. I use chi wave on cd and it's really amazing, usually in my top 3 heals. be sure you use expel harm on cd for cheap combo points. I don't use the mana tea glyph, i just channel it during light dmg phases as often as i can. hope this helps
    Also, the meta gem that gives you extra mana makes your mana tea restore more mana per tick.
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    You don't always have to be fistweaving. You can stand back and heal normally too.

    Don't spam surging mist as it's a mana sink, try not to overheal too much. Heal as if you're always low mana and you'll be great.

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    Yeah, I do have the DMF deck. I think the main culprit to my mana issues probably is that I am almost always fistweaving.

    Here's my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Liuwen/simple

    I guess I could replace some of my int/crit gems (I don't really like mastery since I only raid 10man) to spirit/crit or so since I suppose I could do without the extra int. As far as I can tell I don't need more haste either since the first breakpoint is at 1345.

    I don't use Surging Mist often at all. Only if a tank suddenly takes spike damage I will stand backing, channel Soothing Mist and top him up with a Surging Mist. I try to leave the tank healing mostly to the paladin since they just seem to much more efficient in that regard.

    I do use the Mana Tea as we try to duo heal most fights which doesn't usually leave me with a lot of down time.

    Any more tips are of course welcome.

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    Oh yeah, I do also have a weakaura for mana tea which alerts me when I have 2 stacks or more of mana tea, and am below 90% mana.

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    Gem spirit until you no longer have mana issues. Then you can start peeling back other stats.

    With the new stat weights on gems, spirit is competitive with int as far as gems. Make use of it.

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    If you are fistweaving, don't spam jab. It is pretty expensive with 9k mana, so simply keep your chi topped and refill it after you used some of it. With all your buffs up, you also do heal quite a bit by just autoattacking.

    Also the healing style differs slightly from caster healing. When channeling soothing mist, chi is a bonus and you want to spend it as quickly as possible. When you are fistweaving, you can control exactly when you get a chi. On the other hand, getting four chi from jab costs 36k mana, making it vastly more expensive than for SM casters. This is great where massive AE damage is coming in, but don't exeggerate with your chi using abilities, as they will empty your mana very quickly.

    I fistweave every fight except garalon - which is a pain in the ass when he sometimes starts turning wild and you have to reposition while there is heavy raid damage, and kiters and tanks tend to be out of range - and I use RM on CD. I don't run into mana problems with about 10k spirit.

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    Alrighty then, I guess the main take away here is that I shouldn't use Jab quite as much as I am doing now. I know meleeing is insane healing cause that's what I have spent most of my time doing so far. I guess what I should shoot for is getting 2 stacks of Serpent's Zeal up asap, and then not jabbing quite so aggressively, but take it easy, and just melee auto attack (which will also provide some healing).

    Aside from that I'll try to weave in more Expel Harm, since that's a spell I don't use quite so often. I didn't really realise the mana cost was a lot lower (feel free to call me a noob ). I'll also have to make sure I really do use Mana Tea on cooldown and use Thunder Focus Tea slightly more often.

    Thanks for the help so far everyone!

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    I fistweave most the time too on my monk. What I usually do when I'm low on mana or start to get low is to slow down on the jabs. This helps and I'm usually at around 50% mana at the end of the fight depending on how hectic things get.

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    Give ascension a go.

    Once you get closer to 485, you can aim for 3148 haste BP. I'm still learning but I don't eminence heal unless the encounter gives me a damage bonus (ie, Stoneguard, Windlord etc)

    Set up a weakauras for Expel Harm on CD. It's 5k mana, heals you for quite a bit (50k IIRC) (bonus if you're not at full HP) and gives you 1 Chi. It's the most efficient way of getting Chi.

    Garalon is probably one of my favourite fights thus far (we're only 11/16H) but its one of the few fights that my noob a** shines. We run with 2 discs, a pally and a shaman/druid and everything gets absorbed or sniped.

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    Take off the glyph of Jab. Currently its bugged where if you have it glyphed it costs more mana (because of the 5.1 hotfixes) but it retains its 9k mana cost if you don't glyph it. Also if you're actively "dpsing to heal" you're going to be running on fumes really quickly because of jab's mana cost.

    I reccomend using Chi Brew at the start (or getting 4 chi before the pull) so you can get Serpent's Zeal for free at the start, which makes it cheaper to maintain initially. Watching your mana through the fight and just managing it carefully (this may involve letting other healers pick up some of the healing) is critical to Mistweaver healing. We don't have a big mana cooldown like other healing classes that can use it to maintain their mana. I run with about 1500 less spirit than you and use an intellect flask personally, and unless things go really badly I'm usually sitting at about 20-30% mana by the end.

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    If I had logs I could better give advice, however theres a bit of misinformation in this thread (which is spread everywhere actually, and I dislike how people continue spamming it, but regardless I'll try to clear up what I can):

    Ascension sucks. Chi brew is far and away the most powerful talent on t30 because it gives much higher regen than ascension and the throughput lines up with tft/uplifts, making it amazing.

    Seeing as we stack crit, theres no reason not to get the crit % meta, which you currently have (Ala don't switch it for mana%).

    Your second trinket is off, get the price of progress (it has the highest MP5 of the heroic dungeon trinkets). Proc throughput is bad, in most cases.

    When healing, your priority should be ReM on CD, blackout kick buff kept up (refresh around 1-5s, depending on availability of chi/judgement of what the fight demands), expel harm on CD, and then using your chi to heal properly. Oh, and you should be meleeing the boss during this time. Jab for chi if you need more on demand, otherwise let ReM/expel harm cap you to 4 chi and then wait for burst/something to heal. (I refresh SZ if ReM/EH are about to come off CD and I'm capped on chi with nothing to heal.)

    Factoring in regen trinkets, I run about as much spirit as you currently do but I end most fights at 90%+ mana...I'm picking up more spirit atm in preparation for 5.2 (8800~ static).

    Also, 10k spirit is no "magic number". It's all about knowing how to manage your mana and not wasting mana. Spamming jab/blackout kick when theres nothing to heal, is wasting mana. As for what else some people do to lose mana, I don't know, I ran 7500 static spirit/relic/price of progress for the majority of content with no problem (end fight around oom.) Now I'm running approx 11.9k spirit with trinkets factored in and on most fights I literally have to waste mana to avoid mana capping, though this is likely due to us overgearing current content.

    Anyway, if you'd like to look at my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...3%A5ios/simple

    I can give better tips on mana if I can see a log of what you're doing (or not doing).

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    I healed a full heroic Mogu'shan Vaults with a 465 iLvl alt monk with 6k spirit. Mana isn't really an issue on a monk, what you need is to stabilize your mana tea generation, that IS your resource right there, and to do that, you need to spend chi as much as you can and use expel harm on cooldown.

    If it gives you an idea:


    Of course I struggled on couple of fights, but it's not because you have low spirit that it's impossible to jab properly. Your problem as a monk is when you have no mana and no mana tea, otherwise, you're fine.

    Edit: Realized my alt is saved in dps spec, to see his gear go here and press on the Mistweaver spec. I obviously didn't have that neck.
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    Like others said.. Jab when you need to... not all the time

    I keep RM on CD, but use Power Strikes, I also set up a weak aura that would announce when my Mana Tea came off CD (on some fights its worth not glyphing I have used it on empress, Elegon, and spirit kings)

    the magic number for uplift right now is about 7 targets, otherwise I use chi burst if I can hit at least 4. As others said watch your surging mist usage, when Soothing Mist healing use EM on its a fantastic chi dump, with a strong through put gain for a single target.

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