Hello there,

Humble is currently recruiting for our 10man Core group. We are in need of either a Warrior/Paladin/Death Knight. (This is a DPS Spot). We are currently replacing our DK.

Information about us:
We are from the server Dragonmaw, But is currently a dieing server. We lost a few members and were not able to recover so xfered to the server Area 52, this week. We just had our first raid week with the new guildys we recruited. did our 3/6HM MV (Doing Sunday raid for last 3) Working on spirit kings(h) last phase. We also did 2/6HoF(H) and 4/4(N) with elite of course. The warlock we got is not able to follow mechanics so needs to be replaced asap.

Raid times:
Tues/Wed/Thur 6-10pm (Pacific) Possible Sundays for progression

What we offer:
We are currently offering a Solid spot in a Solid Guild. We dont bench people and have a roster of 10 people for our core raid group. I have been a GM/RL Since MC days and have had to call 2 raids in my raiding history. Neither of them have been in Mop. If you are interested please PST Me ingame or Real id me at Kritikal1224*at*yahoo.com

We look foward to hearing from you ty and have a good day!

P.S we dont require apps we do a vent application. (I wouldnt app for a guild so wouldnt require you to.)

P.S.S You will be only person on plate DPS gear, If interested please get with me quickly spot is open starting tonight. Should be getting 9/16HM this week!