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    The point -snip-.
    We will just have to disagree, jumping puzzles is just a part of my point. Dodging is key, yet not entirely easy to master (hence the amount of people often dying in Orr, Dungeons and even low level areas) and even being very good at it doesn't always saves you so just dodging and particularly just rezzing will get you killed often because it takes some skill to decide whether or not is the time and combine with smart usage of CD's. So yeah after getting used to it is pretty simple but so mainly most of MMOs with rotations and low judgement calls. I agree with required teamwork somewhat lacking and graveyard zerg being just stupid but I think that's changing and somewhat fast (fractals being the recent example) and mainly because healing someone in a dungeon is much of a team work as helping a fellow downed player except is a given role, so as you probably figured it out teamwork ("was") somewhat optional in the game. And again we will just disagree with the WoW/Rift dungeons stuff, the automatic system to group up, and even Heroic dungeons are beyond easy and all it takes is your job to be done (which is rotation pretty much) and coordination/situational awareness which you already agreed to be key on Gw2 too (Honestly I can't say that much for Rift because I've only done a about 20 runs there, but that's what it felt in those runs). And to an extent this happens in raids too but only that a mistake is "punished" with problems which also happens on Gw2.

    A famous vid is going around you probably seen it.

    Whoever has more people on the zerg, provided is abismal difference, wins and even so not always. But that is not how the battle is won because the battle is not centred in 1 single place. You can check here That dude alone was holding and sometimes owning alot of people, if he had a small team with him he would certainly win against the big zerg. And since he doesn't I would bet somewhere else in the map his fellow server-mates were breezing thru, . Low participation will lead you to the bottom of the ranked system of WvW so basically at some point (which I think by now is pretty settled). I haven't been actually farming so I won't say much about the PvE you said but I think about now they are a little bit more spread around the world since rewards are getting higher (still not quite there tho). Now if you really want to sit with 20-30 people around for "easy" mindless play sure you can, but that's a player choice (which I loath xD).

    All in all of course all games are enjoyable for the right set of people. For my wife Gw2 is so hard that she just doesn't play too much (even tho she tries at times) while Dungeon in WoW she heal like a pro, different skills and needs but still "balanced" enough and similar enough through different combat systems that they can ,and often are if you read threads here, compared yet both are good in their own way. I think there is more to do from what you imply after hitting max level because it's pretty much discarding the idea that you could just do what you think it's fun primarily because of that "criticism" that comes from WoW-like mindset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zilong View Post
    But that is not how the battle is won because the battle is not centred in 1 single place. You can check here like mindset[/b].
    I love that Medicat video, especially the part where he is stumbling over how to say that toon's name, "I'll save you Fuhsay...Fuhsah...Fuhsaya Owsah!" cuz I know I'm not the only one who thinks where the F do people get these names rofl.
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