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    WoW on Macbook Retina Display.... OMFG SO GORGEOUS

    my girlfriend just loaded up WoW onto her new 15.4" Apple Macbook retina display i7 16GB laptop, HOLY SHIT I have never seen a more beautiful and true picture than this. In Org, Shrine, LFR and in PvP I have yet to see one tear or anything negative of any while watching her use it. Leveling as boomkin, the graphics and spell effects and everything looks SO sensational. HIGHLY recommend it for those that enjoy playing on a laptop.

    I play on my 42" LED Samsung with a solid build(H80 cooler, AMD 965 BE x4 CPU, 5900 Radeon, Samsung SSD, Asus m5a97) and I feel like I am playing on my moms stock VAIO from 2002 compared to hers. Its sex to the eye ballss!!!!

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    That's great, but we'd like to avoid the usual Apple vs PC crowd.

    Closing this.

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