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    Do you remember...

    All spells on Retail have their input lag(they delay for miliseconds before they take effect)...
    Do you remember how long exactly(in miliseconds) was the delay in WoTLK of those spells and if it's not changed at all through expansions CATA and MOP please tell it here...
    I have an issue in a private server(wotlk) because when trying to Vanish a Blind in the first 0.1-0.5 seconds it says "Can't do while confused" so they are not vanishable, and when trying to vanish a blind after 0.3,0.4 seconds it sends preventing message "Can't do while disoriented"....
    Blinds are vanishable only in the first 0.1 seconds.

    Ideas if the delay should be longer? I just want to know how long in miliseconds are these delays, and to get more information about these delays..

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    We don't discuss private servers here

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