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    Can't decide on spec =(

    I can't decide between Beast Mastery or Survival on my Hunter =(. I love both but I just can't decide!

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    BM /10chars

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    Go for BM, its so much fun once you get use to it!

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    Survival is far more fun

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    MM for me. BM is too boring, and survival too clunky for me

    MM got a nice fluid rotation with the current 4-piece bonus aswell

    but since you need to deside between BM and survival.. BM tops single target fights, Survival cleave/aoe fights. if you want to play the same spec on all fights, i would pick survival

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    You have dual spec. Try 2 of the 3. Drop the one you really don't like.

    But really, how are we supposed to advise you? We're not you.

    I play what I like... I don't care if others like it. You should do the same.

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