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    Haste vs mastery for arcane....feedback on my mage please

    So I;ve read that haste stacking is better than mastery stacking....but what confuses me is that when I ran Simcraft it had my DPS with mastery 14k higher than my DPS with haste. SO this leave me confused. Could some mages look at my armory to see if I reforged and gemmed correctly, and give me your feedback on the Simcraft results?


    Edit: One thing I noticed just now with the haste Simcraft is that it had mage armor instead of frost armor. How do I change this in Simcraft so that it Sims my DPS with frost armor instead?

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    anything, anyone?
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    Haste = Mastery in terms of single target dps.

    Only time one dps more than the other (mastery over haste) is on some aoe fight were you use arcane barrage. Other than that you shouldnt worry about haste vs mast, as stated here almost every day.
    You just just test em and stay with the one you're more comfortable with.

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    ok...do you know how to change Simcraft so that it sims using frost armor instead of mage armor so I can see accurate sims?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeatM1ser View Post
    ok...do you know how to change Simcraft so that it sims using frost armor instead of mage armor so I can see accurate sims?

    Edit the simulation where it shows mage_armor, delete mage and type frost.

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    Well from what I can see you are going for the Arcane haste build, and as said by Eihwaz they are about the same in terms of single target dps.

    Personally I have tried both the mastery and haste build and have chosen to go with the mastery build. The differences that I saw in the two builds were that with the mastery build I would have to not worry as much with how many arcane charges I had. As with the haste build I would have to keep my arcane charges at 6 as much as possible since my spells were not doing as much damage due to the lack of mastery.

    From the armory link you gave, everything looks fine as far as gems, although I personally would have not gone for the socket bonus for your shoulders legs and pants and gone with the pure haste gems. And as far as reforges I would recommend the addon ReforgeLite since I would have to do some unwanted math in order to see if your reforges are optimized, but the addons gets the reforges done pretty well as long as you put in your own stat weights.

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    thank you for the feedback guys!

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