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    Quote Originally Posted by StationaryHawk View Post
    The Trine 2 Main Theme.

    A fantastic game with a fantastic soundtrack.
    Indeed a fantastic game and thanks for reminding me that I need to go finish it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zethras View Post
    Not quite from Skyrim itself, but these guys took it to another level of epic.
    Close enough, Peter and Lindsey are awesome musicians and I'm proud to say that I bought that song rather than pirated it. They deserve the royalties.
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    Anyone from the Ratchet & Clank series. It's so. EPIC. Have no words for it.

    (It gets REALLLY REALLLLLLY EPIC @ 1:04!)

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    Laura's theme from silent hill.

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    Used to fish in Mhaura for hours just for the song!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disgustipated View Post
    Suprised to see this amazing underrated song posted from an already underrated game. I really like how they portrayed the game in that video clip

    My favorite are Franck Keplacki's songs from the C&C series:

    Specially love the second half of this one

    And how can we forget DONKEY KONG COUNTRY:

    This one is so peacefull

    All hail Frank Keplacki and Davis Wise

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    Best boss music of the serie.

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    I agree with Mithfir. That music was so good that they added it to Super Mario RPG for the hidden uber boss fight. Pretty much any music that came from a Square game during the 90s was brilliant.

    Now this one... this is just on a completely different level. What happened to you, Square?!?

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    This would have to be the one. It feels even more epic when your attacks on the boss sync up with the high points of the song.

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    Simple & clean.
    Kingdom hearts

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    The entire soundtrack to Mario RPG but this Geno's Forest Maze song in particular:

    Donkey Kong Country - King K. Rool's Theme
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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post

    Specially love the second half of this one

    That is one of my all time favorites. When I think of C&C that song comes to mind. When playing Red Alert I play have song over and over again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewster925 View Post
    The entire soundtrack to Mario RPG/DKC [fixed] but this Geno's Forest Maze song in particular:
    Thanks for the nostalgia blast =p Its amazing how the 16-bit era has aged so well.

    Just started up FFX again and just left Besaid, but I had totally forgotten about this gem:

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    This song is epic incarnate, it played during the final level in halo 4.

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    anyone played Granado Espada/Sword of the New World? I think that game has one of the best songs!

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    Any of the songs the female singer does from La Noire.

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    From FFX-2 1000 words

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