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    Will of the emperor 25 HC - Assignments

    Hey guys, sorry about another post on will of the emperor HC but I don't seem to find a really good post about one thing : Raid comp.

    This is what I assume we need :

    4 tanks (2 "real" tanks and 2 dps with tank spec)
    5 heals
    16 dps

    About dps, we are trying this strat : cc first wave then grip 2nd + 1st + burst aoe, bump, frost ring etc...

    We assigned casters on strength + rages and melee on courages + boss. And we have 2 frost DKs on rages griping them.

    But still, for me, I still don't really find anything about how many melee on each boss, which one would be best, how many melee on strength if you need them to soak (I assumed rogues were the best for this duty to soak sparks ? or can tanks take it on their own ?)

    Same for rages duty. Yesterday for our first night we had about 8 casters helping aoe rages with dks but for me it's a too huge number and still, we seem to have a too light aoe burst on them. What would be the best specs for this fight and which class would help ouf the most ?

    I assumed frost mages + survival hunters + elem sham would be the best but I still have no clue.

    I just need numbers for this, you see, like how many on this duty, and how many on this etc..

    Thanks for the help !

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    Our raid comp :

    3 mages 2 locks 1 sp 2 frost dk 2 rogues 2 hunter 1 balance 1 fury war 1 monk dps 1 ret 1 elem sham 1 enh sham

    1 blood dk 1 prot pal

    3 resto sham 1 holy pal 1 resto drood

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    i have the same problems, can someone help ?


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    I was under the impression you need 7-8 healers, not 5.

    Edit: thought was for empress, sorry. Nevermind
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    should have rogues split on bosses, they can soak every courage spark, everyone else dps rages and strengths. That seemed to work fine for us. If the rages are being killed too slow your dps need to pick up the slack. Having mages go frost would be the best bet

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