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    A few questions.

    I've been thinking about coming back and I was just wondering how the PvP is now and how the two classes I like to play are doing because when I quit they weren't holding up too well but I believe one of the previous patches gave them a slight buff.

    I played an Assault Specialist Commando and Deception Assassin, these are the two classes and specs I found the most enjoyable, but also really frustrating.. especially with a commando with all the interrupts and stuff, is this still a huge problem?

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    Edit: I got an email a while back that stated I had been sent cartel coins for being a previous subscriber and I checked my account and I had about 1500 of them but I checked it again just now to resubscribe and I looked at my cartel coins and it said i had 0, do these disappear if you don't use them or will I get them back when i resubscribe?

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    Cartel points *should* be gone as the date for receiving those has passed. Guildie of mine resubscribed two or three days ago and didn't receive any 'old' cartel points. Still overall I received one monthy batch of cartel points either too early or too many and a friend of mine even two monthly allotments. It seems somewhat buggy.

    PvP is still quite cc and interrupt heavy, you see plenty of Commandos and playing mine in sub-50 pvp is quite fun, can't comment on Assassin.

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    Ohh alright, I didn't know that about cartel points, thanks. Yeah, I figured it was still as CC heavy, I just didn't know if the slight changes to Commandos had made them any better in PvP or not. I'll just have to try it out again, downloading patches right now=D

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    Hello Eza.

    Sins as of now are a very powerful class. Their high damage output combined with survivalabilities and utility is just pure fun. You may hear from some people the sin is very weak right now, but you can't listen to them at all. Their very wanted in rated and is super awesome for stealth cap. If you're thinking about going back to your sin, you're going to have fun!

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    Awesome zaiid! I was hoping one of them would be wanted for ranked warzones. I'm gonna go give my Assassin a spin right now and see how I like it.

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    Assassins are great and commandos do only shine when not under focus fire.

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    Yeah I was trying out my Commando again earlier and everytime I shot something every melee around would auto jump on and me and kill me:/ I am really enjoying my Assassin though, it's pretty badass. Renewing my sub tomorrow!=D

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    I'm happy for you

    I have a merc (mirror class of commando) and a big part of my play is positioning and when to press your cooldowns/ stims. If other people don't see you standing right in the middle, the chance of actually helping the group is much higher though in ranked warzones, I believe you'd be the first target to be knocked out as you do considerable damage while you are easy to kill.

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    I have another question. Since I've started back my fps has been low as shit. I'm really not very computer savvy at all. Would having WoW currently installed on my computer effect the performance of SWTOR?

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    No. Unless in the super unlikely case your remaining HD space is so low it affects your pagefile. And even then it's not affected by WoW per se but by too much stuff on your harddisk.

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    My hardware would be more than capable of running TOR, however they decide to "increase server stability" which, at least for me, turns out to be a decrease in performance, every time they put it in the patchnotes. I'm running currently on "low" settings and still have occasional lags.

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    I tested it on two computers and the issue is, the places prone to lag (mostly fleet with >150 people around) work much better with a low-end GPU and a SSD than with a stronger GPU and a (normal) harddisk. In my experience changing graphics quality within limits doesn't affect performance too much. YMMV.

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    I can agree with that though if I turn up my graphic I'll drop down to 4-5 fps while with low graphic I'll drop down "only" to 7-8 which sometimes does make a difference. However as people in warzones tend to "bug" aka... you see the char like someone grabbed it and is shaking it only to find the character 4-5 seconds later where he really is. People becoming invisible is another issue I've seen several times (they are still doing damage on you but you can't see them while they are affected by non-target knockbacks)

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    Ahh, so I'm not the only one? I have all the graphics on the game as low as possible and turned off if that option is available. Not sure what else to do, maybe it'll just start working right over time.

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