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    Best spots to put the teleport in a bg (to have fun or to dps mele free)

    Tittle says it...Some I know are in AB mines= on top of flag, farm in the house also blacksmith (obvious), LM on top of excavator arm (takes some work)
    Not sure havent tried it in MoP but used to be able to engi parachute to WW roof in BoG, Silvershard mines up on the ledge.....Cant think of anymore atm...what are some of yours?

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    If we're talking about demonic circle, then just above the GY in WSG is great in RBGs for flag capping.

    Idling by the GY and then porting up when the other team turns up is golden.

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    On farm, I prefer putting my portal behind the house instead of inside of it. Porting inside is just a death trap.

    Sorry, don't have anything fancy to add to the list. I liked it when you could get up on the stable roof though, but I'm quite sure that's no longer possible.

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    wsg- on the second level or roof of base. same applies for twin peaks.
    strand- right near the cannons if your playing defense.
    gilneas- behind the brown broken building at mine. behind the houses at the other 2 bases
    kotmogu- one of the corner points at the upper level.
    av-on one of the horde towers. makes defense fun.
    ab- on the mines roof

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