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    Why call or text a girl after a first date when you can....

    Write your own song lyrics. This is to the song Mandy by Barry Manilow. And yes I know I can't sing so make fun all you want I wont care.


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    well, if you don't want a second date this is a pretty good plan.

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    A little overboard for a first date, IMO. It would be great for someone you've been seeing for a while, but I'd be a little creeped out by this right off the bat.
    [22:14] <+Lia> And why is Ruken molesting trees?
    [22:14] <@Rukentuts> Because they give me wood.
    [22:14] <+Lia> ...
    [22:14] <+Lia> worst pun ever
    [22:15] * Rukentuts boughs.

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