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    Quote Originally Posted by Sett View Post
    I miss not having a pet for Unholy.
    Unholy still has its pet. Also Ive played unholy as my main spec from Wrath release to currently, and have always found the dps to be great, even now while everyone says its low I find myself topping the meters, on aoe always #1 and on single target in 25 man ussually one but never outta top 5
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    Blood dps with 100% ArP was pretty fun, else I would go with MoP.

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    I miss shadowfrost and frost tanking.
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    WotLK was okay, but that's about it. I mean at some point Blood even had a fixed Rotation you could just mash a macro with - that's not fun.

    I did enjoy DPSing as Blood, and Tanking as Frost; but in a game where balance matters this is obviously going to be silly. Just imagine if we still had Blood DPS now, how OP would they be in PvP?!

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    I miss:

    1. Corpse Explosion
    2. Becoming a ghoul after being killed
    3. Turning my dead friend into a ghoul
    4. Blood DPS/Frost and Unholy Tanking
    5. Hungering Cold

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    Wotlk > MoP.

    I miss blood dps and frost tanks
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    Cataclysm! However the MoP DK design is better but wotlk was way more fun

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    I miss the WotLK Death Strike and Blood DPS, as well as being very OP.

    I also think nostalgia has contributed to the WotLK DK's popularity.

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    I sort of miss being a dk back in wrath with the old unholy blight and not to mention blood dps with drw copying everything
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nezia View Post
    Peoples saying WOTLK's DK was more fun than mop dks just did not play wotlk, or lies
    Sorry, but that's not how it works. Just because you disagree with someone's opinion, doesn't make them a liar. It's all fine and dandy, if you didn't like the WotLK DK, but that doesn't make your opinion the universal truth nor does it make everyone else being wrong/just a liar.

    On topic, I liked the WotLK Blood tanking more than now - of course, Blood is still the tanking spec, my main gripe is actually with the change to rune mechanic in Cataclysm, I never got the hang of it again, leading to me abandoning the class. (though I admit, I had liked Pestilence refreshing runes, too, since I prefer my class/spec's playstyle fairly simple, and the challenge in encounters, not playing my character)

    I could probably learn it by levelling another DK (transferred my old one away with some FCM to free a spot), but don't really feel like it (paladin and/or druid are my new tanks of choice), and I have no free character slots anyway.

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    I miss my DW Frost Tank spec with 2x tanking weapons, and rarely losing aggro (Even tho everyone would scream "omg you won't hold aggro!"
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    Cata 2h masterfrost

    Can't stand new 2h frost, it feels like playing another class.

    Have to DW to be good vs heavy armor classes and to get the frost DK feeling.

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    Wandering Plague! It was such a unique mechanic why did they remove it?

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    People enjoyed Blood dps?

    Heart strike x100000000000000000


    I liked that the rune system wasn't so unnecessarily complicated, and wasn't just a random chance mess. You could actually get a rotation in that you could count on, and worry more about fight mechancs :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireBorne View Post
    Lk DKs kicked ass, i miss the old unholy blight and later arp blood dps.
    Because they were the new hero class, or FOTM just like monks are / was at MoP release, being stupidly op because blizzard wants a lot of players on a type of class to get feedback n' numbers will eventually get brought down to normal levels.

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    Miss blood dps too much to vote for anything other than wotlk. The spec made 2h frost look like it was hitting with a foam sword.
    I also miss tanking or dpsing as any of the 3 specs(never liked frost but each had its place for tanking)
    I miss the old rune mechanic. To people that cried about their fingers hurting from having to hit their buttons F*ck you and thanks for the downtime *ssholes
    I miss having talents that feel like they matter. With the exception of T1 and T5 dk talents I feel like I could leave the rest of the page blank.

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    I love how DKs are tanking right now. There's only 1 or 2 minute things I would change. For DPS, I definitely preferred Wotlk though.
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    I actually think alot of our history is still in game.

    Old 2H Frost IT+FS machine gun = DW Frost/Masterfrost/whatever you wanna call it
    Blood DPS = Unholy rotation

    Only thing I miss is old rune system and we can't have that back since we got priorities now not rotations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kronik85 View Post
    I actually think alot of our history is still in game.

    Old 2H Frost IT+FS machine gun = DW Frost/Masterfrost/whatever you wanna call it
    Blood DPS = Unholy rotation

    Only thing I miss is old rune system and we can't have that back since we got priorities now not rotations.
    It vaguely looks like it yeah, but it doesn't feel like it at all. Unholy is too focused on diseases and the ghoul, you don't feel like hitting hard like you did when blood could still be a dps spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kronik85 View Post
    Blood DPS = Unholy rotation
    If only it wasn't a slave to its pet..

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