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    Stuck in WoW nostalgia

    I dont know if there are that many ex-WoW players who still lurk this forum, but I assume this is the biggest wow community/forum on the internet and thus the best place for a thread like this.

    So any other ex-WoW players out there who are unable to get mentally and emotionally over WoW? I quit playing WoW back in early 2010 and after that I played on a couple of private servers for few months in early 2011 but after that I haven't touched the game at all but still I think of WoW almost daily. I view old screenshots, watch old PvE, machinima and PvP videos, read old threads on abandoned forums, read the comment sections of many youtube WoW vids etc.
    I've even got an imaginary WoW guild that I like to think of, I've come up with backstory and personality for a number of different folks who play in this imaginary guild, and I've tried imagining what kind of PvP vids they could've made during different time perioids (D1, T2, T2, S1, S3/Isle of Quel'danas etc)
    Often when listening to music I start imagining in my head how the song I'm listening to would fit on a PvP/PvE video and there are a lot of songs that trigger a certain WoW memory in my mind when I hear them, because I used to listen to that particular song a lot back in vanilla/TBC. Certain song reminds me of leveling up in Arathi Highlands, another one reminds me of World PvP in BRM/SG/BS and so on. For the past two years I've listened to a lot of the songs of those early TBC Nihilum PvE vids (Magtheridon/TK/SSC) and nubcake news' Kungen/Nihilum parodies

    Reminiscing old times is often a very bitter sweet experience, makes me feel very wistful and "empty inside", knowing that those times will never come back. I have no intrest in playing MoP, private servers dont feel the same and I dont want to start another MMORPG just so I could "forget" WoW, I'm through with MMORPGs. I'd like to get over the whole game (but still watch old vids/screenies&listen to the OST every now and then) but it feels like I just stop thinking about WoW.
    Any one else here who feels the same way? Is there any way to get emotionally over one's affection for WoW? Any Ultima Online/DAOC/Everquest veterans out there who are still longing for the past after all these years? Is WoW simply
    just something that will be a part of us for as long as we live, like happy childhood memories?

    I was going to post this message a few days ago, but I thought it would be more fitting to wait since it's 16.1.2013 today (6 years from the launch of TBC)

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    Red face

    Sorry for the very late response , are you still as nostalgic as you were when writing this post ? Anyway I just came to tell you that I used to feel like dat and even recently I began to feel nostalgic about wow again ! I "quit" in 2010 because of cataclysm and the fact that a lot of my friends had left . Then I came back sometimes in cataclysm and in Mop , I wanted to feel the same thing that I used to feel back in the days . I began to play to wow in 2008 or 2007 so , yeh the game was already old at the time but anyway a lot of things were different , for example : I remember that to go to instances we had to go there with our mounts , flying mounts didn't exist in azeroth and so forth . I think my first wow experience is part of my childhood memories cuz it was really amazing , it was my first mmo ever , maybe even the first game I spent so many time on . (sorry for bad english)

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