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    Munabi Tribe <10 Horde> recruiting 2/6 H MSV 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToeS

    Server: Skywall-US
    Munabi Tribe is currently looking for some ranged dps. Moonkins and hunters particularly. Capable of H mode progression and decently geared/Good at their class. Heals are also welcome! We're hoping to move up to 25 mans come 5.2, but currently just run two 10 man groups. Munabi Tribe has been around since the beginning of Wrath, and is currently the #1 Horde guild on the server.

    This is not a guaranteed position in main raid, but upon starting our 25's you should count on it.

    Schedule - Tuesday, Thursday, Monday always. Sometimes Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday's from 7:30PM - (roughly) 11:00PM Pacific time.

    We're very laid back unless raiding, with R content conversations in chat and Ventrillo. We don't really hold back.

    No trade chat trolling is one of the few rules we abide by, the other being at least a 30 min notice if you need to leave raid.

    Current needs
    HIGH Demand
    Boomkin w/ resto OS or vice versa

    MED Demand
    Retribution Pally
    Feral Druid
    Death Knights

    LOW Demand

    Feel free to whisper Lumiair, Smellywaffle, Mochtai, or Itzzjonny in game for more info.
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