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    BrM crit vs haste confusion

    Hey guys, ive been playing BrM for quite some time now, tanking for my guilds raids, and im looking to keep my tank as up to date as possible! Ive been stacking haste like crazy, but ive always been a little unsure about when to stop stacking haste, swap to acension, start stacking crit etc. I see so many people doing so many different things, its hard to nail it on the head!

    Here is a link to my profile, any help in what to change around would be very greatly appreciated!



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    The rule of thumb is subjective (paradoxical statement? Dunno): you get as much haste as you are comfortable with, then go into crit.

    Do you have enough Chi to keep Shuffle up 100%? To use Guard on CD? To always be able to PB when you need to? If yes to all of these, then you have enough haste and should instead get more crit. This point is different for everyone though, so you need to figure this point out for yourself.

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    From my own experience:

    I was using Power Strikes for a long period, when one day at will of the emperor I tried Ascension and I felt much better dealing with all of the monks abilites/buffs and debuffs. I changed many of my reforged items from haste to Crit now. And I'm pretty confortable now with Ascension.

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    I cap myself at 6k haste and feel pretty happy with that using Ascension. Rest is going into Crit.

    6k feels solid for me on some of the more "demanding" fights like Wind Lord and Empress mostly due to wanting/needing to use PB a bit more frequently. Could probably get by with less on others.

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