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    Elemental Shaman Streams?

    Just wondering if there are any PvE Elemental Shaman Streams out there? The guys on Convert to Raid are always talking about Mage and Hunter streams, but I haven't had any luck seeing some sweet Elemental action.


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    I stream all our raids. Streaming 9 hours a week (sun / thu / mon from 22h00 to 01h00), which are basically our raid times (that is GMT+1). Currently working on the grand empress heroic. Not always streaming farm bosses as I try to dodge them (i.e. sit out) as much as I can. I really only care about new bosses and always try to play to the max of my abilities, trying out a new trick now and then. Should warn you though, if you are very religious, emancipated and a very serious person in general, you might want to switch the sound off. Our raids are far from politically correct. And my music choice is described by my guildies as 'cowboy music', but they are just a bunch of barbarians. Also note that the only reason I stream is to watch it back later myself, I have no ambitions whatsoever to get a big audience. so I'm not the most entertaining/interactive streamer. If you have no probs with that, you are very welcome to tag along.

    Either way, you can see me shine and fuck up big time on http://en.twitch.tv/zengatheshaman.

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    Thanks for the reply, Followed and will be looking out for your stream!

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    There were a few Ele PvP streamers I watched but they, for obvious reasons, have mainly quit, or rarely play.

    Here they are though anyways:

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    Currently I know of 2 good elemental shamans that stream:

    Sledly/Ellui from Incarnate

    Leeds from Method

    I would stream but I'm really bad with using xsplit and such. I should really learn though, seeing as my internet connection is 65 DL/25UL...

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