We are a small group of raiders that just returned to the game and transferred from a slow server to Zul'jin (H). Our current team consists of a monk tank, destro lock, spriest, and disc priest. We are looking for raiders who will be a constant and reliable member of the team. Raid times are set currently for Wed/Thurs 10:30p to 12:30a server (EST) time.

Our goal is to form a guild of both raiders and players who just enjoy the game overall. We would like the guild to be populated, but not to the point that anyone feels lost in the crowd.

We like to raid, run dungeons, lfr, level alts, run achievement/mount runs, and generally anything that just sounds fun.

We ask that all applicants be 18 years of age or older. We are all mid-twenties and up in age with jobs, families, classes, and other real life responsibilities. We understand and support the fact that real life comes first.

Our guild members do not possess a "politically correct" sense of humor and we find humor in everything. Most of our humor is quite sarcastic in nature, but never malicious. If you are easily offended, this guild is not for you.

We are currently accepting applications from active characters of all classes/specs. If you are interested in joining the guild, please contact Demonstrable, Kittanni, or Blitzedkegg in game or submit an application at socialdeviants.enjin.com. My battletag is JJames#1289.