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    [A] MB Gaming [Zul'jin-US] 10M looking for 1 Ranged and 1 Heal for weekend team

    MB Gaming on Zul'Jin-US is looking for Excellent Raiders to fill out our core 10M roster. We're a close-knit, friendly team and the core of the group has been together since the end of Firelands. We finished 8/8H in DS prior to 5.0. We also finished 4/16H in MSV and will soon be looking to further heroic progression in Throne of Thunder.

    We are currently 3/12N in Throne of Thunder.

    We have 1 core spot available and I can guarantee a spot for ANY exceptional player who joins the team (even if I have to sit out).

    Offering Paid XFer for extremely qualified applicants!

    Our current needs are:
    1 Healer:
    Disc or Holy Priest
    Resto Shaman
    Resto Druid

    1 Ranged:
    Shadow Priest
    Elemental Shaman
    Balance Druid

    We are a semi-hardcore team, which means we are always properly enchanted, gemmed, reforged. We take the necessary time outside of the game to research boss encounters and stay up to date on class theorycrafting.

    Flasks, Potions, Gems and feasts are provided by the guild (although personally supplied 300 stat food is encouraged, it is not required).

    We like to have fun and keep it light, but we do get serious when it is time to do so. Raging and calling others out is not tolerated. We all make mistakes, fix them, and move on with progression.

    When we're not raiding, we like to hang out and do guild challenges together, help each other, and promote an environment where everyone feels like they are aiding in the success of the team. This is not mandatory, but just another way to bond with your teammates if you enjoy playing and doing things other than raiding.

    Our raid times are (EST - server time):
    Friday - 10PM-1AM
    Saturday - 10PM-1AM
    Sunday - 9PM-11PM

    We are looking for people who want a permanent home and not just a gear boost for those who want to move up the raiding ladder.

    If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please feel free to contact me in game at Metatron#1959

    Our guild mission statement, policies and procedures can be found here:
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