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    [A] <Infidelity> Moon Guard 3/6 MsV 10M Tanks/Healers

    Hi there!

    We are a laid back, mature & inclusive guild. Friendly & helpful! We are looking to recruit more awesome people to join our ranks!

    Perhaps you are interested in raiding with us. Our main needs for our raid are:

    2 Tanks

    1 Rdps (pref Lock)


    Perhaps you enjoy running dungeons, doing achievements with other guild members, old world content etc.

    We have spots for both raiders and casuals alike!
    We would be happy to have you join us!

    Currently we have two nights a week that we raid:
    Tuesdays & Wednesdays @ 8:30pm server time (Moonguard)

    Interested? Fill out an application on our website: http://infidelity.guildomatic.com/
    & feel free to also contact us in-game. Msg Fiorinal, Rowan or Leeminjung for more info.
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    If you are still looking for a tank, I'm a 483 Paladin tank looking for a guild to run with. My name is Sallic, and while I'd like to link you my profile on the regular wow site, I can't yet. Forum rules and what not.

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