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    [Philosophy] If "con" is the opposite of "pro"...

    Then is congress the opposite of progress?

    I wonder.. food for thought, or is there room for debate here, lads?

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    old joke is old... and no, that's not the case. Congress is a term given to a group that "Congregates" that didn't sound too weird to speak.

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    This isn't philosophy, this is philosoraptor.

    Philosophy also doesn't show a clear lack of word root knowledge and a disregard for latin.
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    Read the rest of the thread. One is aloud to make an error..

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    If artificial intelligence is capable of emotions, is it wrong to have marry them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by munchkin View Post
    Then is congress the opposite of progress?

    I wonder.. food for thought, or is there room for debate here, lads?
    see, now that would work and be clever if

    A) gress was a word in and of itself
    B) the opposite of progress wasn't regress
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    Since prunes are dehydrated plums, what is the origin of prune juice?

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    If you put the lime in the coconut, then... aw, nevermind.

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    Dont ask why, drink bud dry?

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    If you had sex with your clone, would it be gay or just you on you?

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    Who put the bomp
    In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?
    Who put the ram
    In the rama lama ding dong?
    Who put the bop
    In the bop shoo bop shoo bop?
    Who put the dip
    In the dip da dip da dip?
    Who was that man?

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