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    More often Killing Machine and Sudden Doom yo say? Hm, may be cool, and indeed much better than 15 secs to army duration

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    They are still trying to convince us daily is not *required* and yet they still put rep req in new epics and hey look; head enchant is back! *cough*

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    But when you're using Prayer of Healing in Preparation for future damage because DA and SS make your AE heal better at shielding than actual Power Word: Shield, then that even further reduces your options.
    Divine aegis nerfed to the ground? Fine.
    The aoe "pre-absorb" job just go back to pal's illuminated healing again, just like 5.0.

    But Spirit shell? It is a cool-down spell that is designed to turn healing into "Preparation for future damage" isn't it?

    Quote Originally Posted by tylenol View Post
    They lowered Shuriken Toss from 80% to 75%, the complaining about rogues pulling 50k dps on a dummy (clearly pvp geared) with just Shuriken will surely stop now
    Yea but they still do 46.875k dps, counting that poison damage still stay the same.
    Maybe its an improvement over wingged denounce, I suppose.
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    Spell steal gives wings and Working As Intended

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    Shared Reputation... bah!

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    Damn you Blizzard, stop making mounts. Now I will have to buy them for my hubby and kids.

    Seriously, it's a cool looking mount and I love the /mount special animation. I hope they introduce a pet version too, would be great to see a couple of them facing off against each other in a pet battle.

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    What is it? It's like Falcor cross bred with a mountain goat. Looks cool though.

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    5.2 looks to be the most amazing patch since Firelands. Oh hey ...a free mount? Can I haz?? please?

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    Blizzard needs to put in an achievement vendor. It doesn't actually spend points, but have it unlock items you can buy for gold at certain point ranges. This way it allows for even more incentive to do the tasks for the achievement and a gold sink that Blizzard loves lately to help empty rich pockets.

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    Mount looks ok, but certainly tired of paying $25 for a mount

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    It's funny how many people don't read the huge red text at the top of the OP.
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    nice patch notes

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    I see lazy leechers that can't read...


    Now on the topic, what the efff am i supposed to do with 2 more sec on cyclone if it is alwasy lasting 4 sec because of DR with every other CC ?

    Where are the balance druid buffs? Wrath is riddiculous and we are lacking Movement DPS / Execute ability :|
    Give us incarnation baseline and create a new talent to allow us to choose the damned Force of Nature / Soul of the Forest without giving up our only burst CD.
    Make the balance druid incarnation something that is usable everytime, not only during eclipse...what about something like ascendance? for 15 sec we shoot starsurges with no cooldown.... Burst, useful for Excute phase, not OP because it's just 15 sec (like ascendance) works nicely with the new tier bonus...

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    Well that mount sure look like something speciel it would look awesome in game on my druid

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    Good to see some more GW2 and SW:ToR news, maks this site feel more like ''MMO'' Champion

    Let the people still replying in this thread for the mount go on. We'll only have more change to win then :P

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    Nice Mount!

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    What animal is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by accountwowselling View Post
    What animal is that?
    It's based on this thing:
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    Interesting changes. Not too sure what I think of the set bonuses...

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    The Warrior shockwave nerf is awful. TY Blizzard for making warriors even less useful in any 2v2 or 3v3 arena formats

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    Does anyone else feel that the changes are geared toward 25-man, and disregarding the effect it has on 10-mans which are already harder to run as heroics? I understand the need to make a change to priests in order to stop 25-man players from just spamming PoH, however this nerf will make it near impossible to heal some 10-man heroics if they are in any manner the same difficulty or style of Heroic WoE and a few others. I have to maintain ~110k hps in order to keep the raid alive for heroic WoE; I keep atonement healing in my rotation as well in order to maintain 5 stacks of archangel for emergency situations, and if 25-man priests realized that smite is double the cast time of Heal and heals for ~the same amount for a lower mana cost while allowing you to maintain ~40k dps then there would be no problem. However if there are fights in 5.2 that require the same level of healing as WoE and GE, the nerf to priests is going to affect 10-mans more negatively than the positive affect on 25-mans. Thoughts?

    For information, our raid uses 3 tanks - 2xdruid 1xmonk, 2 heals - hpally dpriest, 5 dps - afflock arcmage bmhunter frostdk eleshaman. Our second druid soaks all sparks except those from courage, which are taken care of by our mage blink timing them.

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-16 at 08:09 AM ----------

    Effectively, the second druid tank takes less damage overall than if we had dps rotating in (or swapped him with a rogue) so if we had to use true dps soaking the fight would be practically impossible. There is only one other 10-man guild on our server that has downed it, and aside from us there is not another 10-man guild that has come close.

    P.S. Kel'Thuzad

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-16 at 08:20 AM ----------

    I think the spirit shell nerf is needed personally, but that nerf combined with dropping DA from PoH is going to be stupid and makes SS useless. You are right that it is supposed to be used for preparing for damage, but the mastery makes it such that a greater heal can bop for the full stackable amount of SS if you have the mastery. However, with them dropping Aegis, we will effectively no longer be able to put decent absorbs on tanks who take constant damage as our heal cast time is long as hell, and the no benefit from mastery makes the skill useless. So it becomes - pray for a crit? This is just going to make dpriests want to spam PoH more since tank healing becomes so stupid without decent cd's, for 10 man at least. The main tank healing method for dpriests is atonement right anyway. Blizzard needs to choose either nerfing spirit shell, or nerfing PoH. But you can't do both and make dpriests have an unusable cd. Just to make 25-mans more "balanced"

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    Nice mount!!

    Would be great to fill it in my mount collection!

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