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    at first ... very nice page and I love to ride nice mounts like this

    The last few patches and hotfixes are full of pvp warrior nerfs and buffs for nearly all other classes. That indicates that blizzard only grant wishes of blizz-forum members who cry loud enough. Many fun is gone since blizz starts nerfing warriors in pvp and on PTR its looks like the def stance will also be nerfed at patch 5.2. It will be a smash in the face of warrior tanks and pvp players.

    warrior 4 ever
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    I really really would love to own this mount, because I really really love it!

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    I have to say they seem to be moving in the right direction for the pve and pvp lets hope that they changes they have preset will boost the population of the servers again and bring more players for raids and bg's. Love these post, nice job.

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    Do you guys not understand you don't post here for the Mount @[email protected]
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    I prefer dedicating, let's say, one day to grind one faction, by doing dungeon runs, grinding mobs, maybe doing some dailies, and then be off with it (for example I blasted from friendly to exalted with Skettis in less than 2 days)
    Have you considered the sole fact you can't do that is one of the reasons you've got something to do for longer rather than be done with everything in a single day and the complain for the next 3 weeks there's nothing to do?
    That just makes it sound like they're too lazy to create an appropriate amount of content and would rather artificially extend the longevity of it by capping your rep per day. Its just a terrible idea. What if I need that 1 Shado Pan valor item to get my ilvl to where it needs to be? Can I just farm a ton of rep with them 1 day and ignore the rest of the factions? Nope. First I have to do Golden Lotus dailies then once I do enough of those I am granted the privilege of being able to gain a limited amount of Shado pan rep per day.

    Blizzard just doesn't seem to get that this feeling of having to do dailies every day is because of the low daily rep cap they create. Even if they don't absolutely need rep now, they may decide they need or want it at a later time and if they have been skipping dailies they're in for a long term problem.

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    It's hilarious how many people are incapable of reading a single BOLD CRIMSON RED Line of text...

    @Topic: This Casual Discussion in embarrassing. I don't understand why these whining morons get so much attention.

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    The daily achievements for loot in Guild Wars reminds me of a similar system in Dragon Nest. Curious how difficult these achievements will be.

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    I like that you can't fly in the new zone coming in 5.2! : D

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    I almost want to quote the big red letters every time I see someone post in here instead of on the right thread, but then I remember that we'll have less competitors this way. I'm evil as the warlock that I am.
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    A kirin as a mount.. that is sooo awesome

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    This is a case where players need to seperate Blizzard's company stance from Ghostcrawler's personal stance.

    GC wants to make flying more dangerous, but the official stance is that it's fine as-is.
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    I'm confused. Why is a news post in general discussion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slozon View Post
    I'm confused. Why is a news post in general discussion?
    Because the actual news post's comments are contest entries. This thread is for discussing the news.
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    I almost feel sorry for the blues out in the EU dealing with that level of whining about dailies. This is why the game is now going the direction it's going, WoW created an absolute monster the past 4 years, whereas the final blue post regarding "getting gear out of Naxx" was dead on. People like me loved Vanilla/TBC not because it was new but because it was an absolute blast hanging out with guilds of that size, slugging it out in raids, and then championing the people that got gear for the week (or cursing them for outbidding you). You went back week after week regardless, and had to stay engaged. When you saw someone in full current tier epics you inspected them, dreaming your character could have that. And those people got it by putting in a lot of hours per week.

    Flash forward, today it's expected you'll get those items and if you don't then you raise hell on the forums. That's why the classic players pine for the old days, we didn't care about player populations, we cared more about doing what it took to be successful and progression difficulty. You made better gamers this way. If people weren't into whatever was thrown at them, then they got kicked to the curb. Be it collecting endless consumables or being asked to do 20 minutes of dailies per day, that's what separates the gamers from the non-gamers. And I applaud the blues over there for giving as good as the players give them.

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    Wouldn't more Killing Machine procs be more beneficial to 2H frost than it would to DW frost?

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    cant wait for 5.2! bring on the dinos!

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    They might as well close this thread. People can't read to save their lives.

    Anyways, it's a little thoughtful that they're fixing Disc to be a little more dynamic. Yet, I feel like that's not going to do much but lower my monk's overhealing by a little bit.
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    Finally someone thought that the Army of the Dead is a terrible cd.
    Also I wonder if pve gear will still have some value in pvp. How do you think?
    And sorry if I repeated someone's post but I wasn't able to go through so many pointles one's.

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    More tat for idiots to waste thier money on.....

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