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    Looks pretty sick

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    I'm going to cherry pick a few things and comment on them rather that review how I feel about all the comments/news from Blizz or members posts.

    First since I am currently playing my 90 Hu/Death Knight the most in retail WoW I will just talk about that part of the 5.2 PTR Blue post. In short I agree with the changes made, and since I use Army of the Dead a lot I appreciate any attempts to tweak it to make it better. I will use a 90 Hu/Dk in the PTR to see how I like the changes in actual play.

    Moving to the 5.1 Hotfixes, next time I play WoW I will head over to Dominance Point with my PVE DK and run the flak gauntlet. So glad there is no more being flagged PVP there.

    And last of all a comment about the Flying Mount Feedback Blue Post. I have no complaints about how Blizz had chosen to evolve to the new flying capabilities in the expansions. Yes I am as impatient as the next gamer because there is always that desire to get to the next level, finish collecting that last item in an armor set, or attain Exalted. The same thing that in real life that makes things that are tough to obtain worthwhile applies in WoW. I can imagine the huge volume of whiny, flames on Blizz if WoW was made into something that did not challenge. Plus one of the "funnest" things I do when I enter a zone for the first time is explore. And while getting a quick overview of the territory is great if you are on a flying mount and airborne, you simply cannot get the full impact of the new scenery, nodes of stuff, and MOBs while airborne. Think of taking tour of the USA. You simply have to do it from the ground on a bike, on a hike, in a canoe, or a boat. How else can you enjoy the rich content?

    So for what it's worth I support Blizz in their efforts to genuinely give us better this and better that while trying to keep balance across classes and professions. From my vantage point as a frequent WoW gamer, Blizz is doing a great job delivering what I look for when I recreate by playing WoW.

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    the ret 4pc seems pretty awesome imo.

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    They don't get it, they just don't goddamn get it. Flying mounts don't lessen the experience of exploration, they ENABLE it. I love flying, I love going places I would never otherwise see because I can fly. It's the only thing we have left for exploration since they took wallwalking away! Are there interesting things I might never have found on, say, Bloodmyst Isle? Sure! Am I going to take the time to trudge across the ground looking for them, never knowing how long it will take to find anything worth the time? Hell no. If I could fly there, I would be there in a heartbeat, seeing everything there is to see, just like I've done with most other zones in the game.

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    I want this mount for my collection !

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    I'm glad Blizzard fixed the Hozen rares. Yowler had been evading on Blackhand. Wind Steed looks great!

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    Its a very sick mount, i will be amazed if i was chosen as a winner!

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