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  • I like the speed at which Content is now rolling out.

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  • I don't like how fast content is now being released.

    4 16.00%

    4 16.00%
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    So which is it? Faster or Slower?

    It's kinda funny and ironic, and you're probably wondering what the hell I'm talking about!

    The subject of this matter is Content.

    Everyone has been, or was, screaming for it to be faster.

    And, so far from what we've seen from Mists, it is.

    Yet, on the Official Forums, and even here, I see people complaining that the content is now coming out too quickly?

    It's kind of ironic that so many people who wanted more things to do, along with me content, now want it to be slower.

    What do you guys think: keep the pace going at this speed of around 2 Months for a filler, Lore/PVP/BG patch, then another 2 months to a Raid Patch? Or should Blizzard be taking their sweet time and do content much slower.

    Is the current speed of content releases good enough, or too fast?

    I can't even tell what the community wants at this point. They deliver on their promise and now they want them to go back on it.

    Discuss, gents.
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    More dailies and reskinned mounts. Sign me up!

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    Anyone who complains of too much content should be shot.

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    I want content to come out at a pace where i have 0 downtime in between but it doesnt come to early that im still doing the first thing and i dont want it too late else ill get bored all day.

    WoW players don't know what they want half the time =3
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    Could be a bit slower for me really. There's so much still to do in MoP!

    And it's not like WoW is the only game in my life... downtime isn't necessarily a bad thing...

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    Anyone who complains of too much content should be shot.
    Some of us have alts!
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    Before I clicked the link to this forum, I thought it was referring to sax. >_>

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    I don't care as long the content has quality. >_>

    5.1 was meh to me but hell it came 2 months after the expansion so I shouldn't complain but so far 5.2 is coming fast and it looks good.

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