Poisoned is a 10 man Progression raiding guild on The Underbog. The guild itself has been around for several years, though not always in World of Warcraft. We're currently 1st on the server proressing through 5.1 in MoP. As always, we are looking for dedicated, loyal people to help with that progression. If you think that's you, make sure you're prepared to raid, and feel free to apply or speak with a guild member/officer in game.

While currently we are mainly a 10 man guild atm we would like to transistion back to a 25 man. we lost several players after DragonSoul, and are looking for dedicated players to replace the ones that were lost. While the server itself my be a low pop what you do get is a very high chance of server 1st and a fun experience.

Main 10 man is 10/16 H and there is currently a 2nd 10 man trying to get through content as best they can with the people they can get.