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    Thumbs up 25m in need of those few people who can fill some gaps for 5.2


    Brief explanation: 2 10 mans on our realm merged and made the jump to 25s due to the issues in 10s preventing both guilds from raiding. Both guilds really have been pushing content for maybe a good month before we merged - both were 4/6h 1/6h 4/4n. This is now our second week of raiding 25s and today we cleared ToES (1 wipe on sha because we forgot a 3rd tank), HoF (1 wipe on Garalon to an over-eager DPS getting pheromones and 3 on Empress). Not that great, but 2nd week as a 25m with socials filing in gaps. We need some solid players, preferably players that were in serious progression guilds that now just want to play a *bit* more casual - but still do hard content keeping in mind personal min/maxing as if world ranked. People who contribute by researching fights and knowing what to do without being told (other than things like positioning, how we move, etc).

    If this is you and you have logs please post an app in the forums at the link above (http://transcended.us). Mention where you were and what you are looking for. We want solid players that can raid 7-11pm CST Mon-Thu. We don't recruit for bench. Tomorrow we'll be going back to heroics in MSV, we need good people to fill in or we will struggle with what we have. We will down them, but it'll be easier with skilled players from the days of Naxx40, BT, SWP, -- players with skill.

    So, interested? Please post...

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