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    Seems like just a video game park with different aspects of different games, looks underwhelming and disappointing however, not seeing anything that I'd personally want to go see.. That Sylvanas is all sorts of wrong.
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    look at the last picture on the link the OP posted. Zul'drak anyone?

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    No it realy doesn't look awesome at all..

    realy.. abomination fail much? also some one mentioned the blood elves to okey.. the hell do you even play wow?

    Most horrible ripoff right on those pictures.

    /double slap.

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    You know, considering they couldn't get a proper license from blizzard or put in the effort to detail the statues to the likeless of the actual characters, I really hope this park fails and gets redesigned rather quickly.

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    This theme park has been built for a while now. It is a direct rip off of WoW in order to attract customers. If you don't know already, intellectual properties in China isn't that big of a deal. This is especially true when it comes to images and ideas. There are all sorts of funky rip offs in funky ways. There is a fake Disneyland with bad looking Micky Mouse. When a manager was questioned by a reporter for copy rights issues, the manager insisted that the character is called "Big Ear Cat" and not Micky Mouse.

    I am 100% sure Blizzard had no part in this.

    EDIT: added youtube link to fake Disneyland
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    Even if it is a rip-off of a couple of things, there's nothing Blizzard can really do about it. In fact, most US companies don't chase after unlicensed products in China. It's like trying to jump into a beehive to get honey, only to get more pain than satisfaction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velthy View Post
    If not the title, i wouldnt know its related to WoW.

    Lol, draenei viking.
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    Seriously, if I were a teenager and brought to this place, I would just feel ripped off in every possible way and a piece of my soul torn out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittyvicious View Post
    The gnome on the sign is the only copy pasta, everything else is like a nightmare world where WoW is produced by Uwe Boll.
    OMG I cant stop laughing LOLOLOL

    That ship is straight out of Starship Troopers.
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    ...wasn't this story covered, like, 2 years ago? o_O

    This even has the same photos from before...
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