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    Healing class breakdown

    Hi, I'm returning to the game having not played since Cata and thinking of rolling a healer. I've usually stuck to Dps/tank rolls but fancied something new. I'm not asking for a "which healer is best" type answer, more a breakdown of the styles. For example I know Druids are hot based, pallys are strong single target healers. But that's about the base of my knowledge.
    I'd only be looking at pvp, heroics and LFR. So top end game performance doesn't really matter to me.


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    I guess the best answer to a masked * tell me what to use * type of thread is :

    Play what you think you will like most.

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    Heroics and LFR, any healing class will work. PvP, probably Paladin, Shaman or Druid, the way I hear it. I'm not a PvPer though.

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    Sorry guess I wasn't really too clear. I'm after a brief description of each ones play style at 90. Then I'll make my own choice on which play style I like the sound of. I know bliz have tried to abolish niche classes but each one still plays differently.

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    I have a resto shaman that I adore: They're very versatile and if you get bored you can always go ele or enh. I had a priest healer prior to MOP, but I always have way more fun on the shaman (priests can get kind of boring after a while) All in all - it's what YOU feel would fit you best personally.

    I'd say Shamans are pretty spread out - generally the jack-of-all-trade type of healer.

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    You're welcome to read the class forum guides on how to play the classes, which gives you the exact same information you're asking for here.

    Threads asking for people to help you choose a class is not allowed. Choosing a class is a personal decision that only you can make. We can't do it for you, and the research is up to you to do.

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