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    Issues with attenuation on heroic vizier

    Hey guys, I just hopped back into WoW/MoP about a month and a half ago and finally managed to get into a good guild (top 10 man on horde for kil'jaeden), but had an embarassing issue with heroic attenuation on heroic vizier.

    Mind you, I am still relatively new to all the raid content. I've been in LFR for 3 weeks which doesn't teach me very much, and joined basically pugs for normal modes. For the most part, I haven't had an issue just learning as I go. Videos really just go through me and I need to try it myself. However, considering the guild has already reached 10/16HM, they're probably not going to be very tolerant of my failure here as I'm a recruit and fighting for a spot with a shaman.

    That said, normal mode and LFR attenuation haven't prepared me for this and I haven't had much practice in either, though I don't think I'm having issues with those. The way the game works with hitboxes with tiny little things that go through you just really bug me. It just doesn't line up correctly for me since it feels fake rather than an actual physics thing that might push you out of the way or automatically register in other games.

    Here's a little excerpt of the fight. I would appreciate feedback. youtube/ since I can't embed yet.

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    I find those a bit tricky as well, but two quick notes after glancing at your video.

    1 - Their hitboxes seems to "lag behind" the actual graphics (or rather, since your movements have latency before reaching the server, their hitboxes will have moved a bit further). Thus I find it a bit easier to stay a little closer to the inner circle rather than the outer one.

    2 - You seem to be a bit far ahead, the gap between the spiral arms are larger a bit further back. Don't fall too far behind though because then you get screwed by bounces, but a little bit further back might help too.

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    Your death in the linked video looks very strange. As far as I can see, you didn't touch anything during the attenuation phase in which you died. I believe you have a ("visual") lag issue here.

    Here comes a suggestion to avoid these kind of deaths even though you don't see the yellow and green things appropriately on your screen:
    Although it's never been that bad for me, I realized that in order to dodge the discs and the green spheres your toon should always be ahead of the group on your screen in every "spiral". On your fellows' screens their own toon will be ahead in the "spiral". So, you should try to be farther ahead in the "spiral".

    Still, this really sucks. I think you have the same problem like many have with Disruptron in the Brawler's Guild: Sometimes the "invisible" and damaging part of the disc seems to be further ahead than the visible part of the disc for some people. I've seen videos and it really doesn't seem to be a L2P issue but something server/IT/IDK-related.

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    In the first video it looks like you are running into the the discs on the outer edge. Like the above posters have said the visual of the discs are a bit ahead of where they will actually hit you which is why you should favor the inside rather than the outside. That doesn't mean running into the inside ones is okay because it is definitely not but being about 1 yrd away from them is what you should aim for.

    Now in the second video that has nothing to do with discs being weird or anything that was all on you, you always want to be directly in front of the boss when he starts casting attenuation because that will give you the safest path. Starting on the sides will lead to an overlap of green orbs which what happened to you. If worst comes to worst take the lock portal back to the other platform while attenuate happens and come back between casts.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I really want to practice more but they have had this on farm sucks and as I said, in a recruit position this makes me look bad. I'll try sticking closer.

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