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    [H] ㊪ The Art Of Ten ㊪ Friendly [18+] Reroll Project.

    ㊪ General Information

    Guild Name: The Art Of Ten
    Faction & Realm: Horde [Stormscale]
    Raiding: 10/25 man raiding
    Guild Website: theartoften.enjin.com

    ㊪ Progress :

    Vanilla - Cleared
    TBC - Cleared


    Naxxramas 10/25 - cleared
    VOA 10/25 - cleared
    OS 10/25 - Cleared ( Including 3 Drakes up )
    EOE 10/25 - Cleared
    Ulduar 25 normal - 12/14 cleared

    ㊪ About The GM & The Art Of Ten:

    Hello all,

    let me introduce myself and our community. My name is Nick !
    I am an officer in the guild the Art Of Ten. A Horde reroll guild on the realm, Stormscale EU.

    I've been playing the game since a few weeks before TBC was released, always striving to find my home in a guild that I felt a real part of, after years of hopping from failed guild to failed guild including hardcore raiding and normal raiding guilds, I decided to look for a re-roll guild where everybody was starting a fresh and getting to know each other. This happened to be the best decision I had made, I found this guild The Art Of Ten which is a great tight knit community of like minded individuals, I can honestly say i've never felt more at home than I do when i'm playing and socializing with the guild.

    ㊪ Our Goals:

    Our biggest goal is to create an in game family of helpful, friendly people and promote a sense of belonging: every individual counts as a building block to our bigger goals. We want our enjoyment of the game to not only come from our individual accomplishments but from our group efforts and meaningful interactions too. The guilds aims at being more than just a re-roll guild, we want to create something long lasting, seeing the game from beginning to end and enjoying the opportunity to adventure as a tight knit guild.

    After all, the journey is just as important as the destination!

    ㊪ What can we offer you:

    No matter if you are new to the game or a old veteran we have got a spot for you here. Our guild is surrounded with mature and friendly players that will always help you when its needed.

    The social aspect of the guild is important to us and we like to have a laugh.

    We also have a understanding of what real life actually means. We understand that real life comes first. So we tend to have a more casual approach.

    Regarding our raids we give you the opportunity to visit all the aspects of the game with a tight knit group of players. We always revisit content to get you that awsome transmog. We also organise things like herald of the titans. The ICC/Ulduar mount run in both 10 & 25 man. And we have our social events like World PVP. Our famous hogger raid and Hide and seek.

    ㊪ What are we looking for:

    Like Minded, dedicated and friendy players. People that would like to explore all the aspects this game has to offer. We also prefer that you are 18+ but the perfect candidate is 21+

    We also respect if the person has a understanding of real life and approach things with a smile and positive attitude.

    ㊪ Recruitment:


    All Classes

    Social / Backup Raiders

    All Classes

    additional information:

    (We understand that many of us have real life commitments outside the game, whether it be family/career/school. Because of this reason our members get rotated in our raids. Also we don`t care much about what Class you play, as long as you are happy with what you play.)


    ㊪ Reroll Guidelines:

    - No Heirlooms
    (Heirlooms are allowed to catch up if the player joins late during the current expansion)

    - No pugging raids
    - No using gear/enchants/gems from higher expansions
    - No use of PvP gear in raids
    - Alts are allowed but they should also stay below the current cap.

    ㊪ Raid Times / Days:

    We raid Monday / Wednesday / Sunday from 20:00 - 23:00 server time.

    Monday: Transmog raid + achievements / mounts / social events
    Wednesday: Progression Raid
    Sunday: Progression Raid


    ㊪ How to apply:

    Visit: theartoften.enjin.com

    ( I'd like to add that the application is not to be considered a simple formality. We do appreciate it when potential new members put time and effort into introducing themselves and it will increase your chances of possibly joining our little community. )

    ㊪ For information:

    Whisper either:

    Okiska or Praystatïon (Battletag: songsteel#2119)
    Nickz (Battletag: xenohadden#2208)

    Please take care for now, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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    We are still recruiting for our raiding team and also social members!


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